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No in Russian

This cannot get any easier! Let’s listen to the pronunciation, which is very different from the English way. Let's check out this lesson on the No in Russian.

The Russian word for NO is нет:

Pronouncing no in Russian




Нет, спасибо

Net, spaseeba

No thanks

However, you might like to add other words if you'd like to politely decline an invitation or express other emotions. Here are some useful and commonly used phrases:

нет ещë

net ishcho

not yet

У меня нет.

U minya net

I don't have.

Конечно нет!

kaneshna net

Of course not!

Нет, извините.

net izvineeti

No, sorry

Нет, не нужно, спасибо.

net ni noozhna, spaseeba

No need, thank you

Нет, нельзя этого делать!

Net, nil'zya etava delat'

No, you cannot do that!

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you found that helpful.

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