Shopping in Russian

Here’s the ultimate shopping in Russian lesson for beginners! Practice speaking these essential phrases aloud by following the pronunciation of the audio. You’ll learn to ask "How much" and 'Where is' in Russian. You’ll also learn the words for shops, clothes, sizes, and more. Shopping in Russia will never be the same again!

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Shopping in Russian

Here are some basic Russian phrases to get you warmed up:

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The end of season sale

Со скидкой

Sa skeetkai


По дешëвке

Pa dishofki

A bargain

Где …?

Gde …?

Where is …?

Где отдел женской одежды?

Gde addell zhenskai adezhdy?

Where is the women's department?

Где касса?

Gde kassa?

Where is the check out?

Я ищу …

Ya ishchoo …

I am looking for ...

Я ищу книжный отдел.

Ya ishchoo kneezhnyi addel

I am looking for the book section

Shops in Russian



The post office

Торговый центр

Targovyi tsentr

The shopping center



The market



The supermarket



The pharmacy

Книжный магазин

Kneezhnyi magazeen

The bookstore



The store

Мини пекарня

Mini pekarnia

The bakery



The pastry shop

Магазин музыки

Magazeen moozyki

The music store

Магазин одежды

Magazeen adezhdy

The clothing store



The hardware store

Мясная лавка

Misnaia lafka

The butcher



The optician

Russian Signs







К себе

K sibe


От себя

At sibya








Часы работы

Chisy raboty

Opening hours

Парковка запрещена

Parkofka zaprishchina

No parking

Место для курения

Mesta dlya kurenia

The smoking area

Зона для некурящих

Zona dlya nikuryashchih

The non- smoking area

Не курить!

Ni kureet’!

No smoking!

When you buy food in a supermarket and don’t intend to eat it straight away it might pay to check the ‘best before date’ to avoid nasty surprises…

Срок годности

Srok godnasti

The best before date

Годен до

Godin do

Best before

Once you’ve found the right shop, you need to find what you’re looking for. Use the following words and phrases to find what you need, figure out how much it costs and tell the sales assistant how many you want…

У вас есть …

Oo vas est’ …

Do you have ...

Сколько стоит?

Skol’ka stoit?

How much does it cost?

У вас есть ещë?

Oo vas est’ ishcho?

Do you have more of this?

Какой это размер?

Kakoi eta razmer?

Which size is that?

Я хочу примерить

Ya hachoo primerit’

I'd like to try it on

Где примерочная?

Gde primerachnaia?

Where are the changing rooms?

Я возьму

Ya vaz’moo

I'll take it

Here are some more useful questions and answers…

Какой ваш размер?

Kakoi vash razmer?

What size do you wear?



The size

Маленький размер

Malen’kii razmer

A small size

Средний размер

Srednii razmer

A medium size

Большой размер

Bal’shoi razmer

A large size

Очень большой размер

Оchin’ bal’shoi

An extra large size

Мне нравится

Mne nravitsa

I like it

Выглядит хорошо

Vyglideet kharasho

It looks good

Вам идëт

Vam idyot

It suits you

Вам не идëт

Vam ne idyot

It doesn't suit you

Paying in Russian

Пожалуйста, платите в кассу

Pazhalusta, plateeti f kassu

Please pay at the check out

Я хочу заплатить кредитной картой

Ya hachoo zaplateet’ krideetnai kartai

I'd like to pay by credit card

Я хочу заплатить наличкой

Ya hachoo zaplateet’ naleechkai

I'd like to pay with cash, please

Я хочу заплатить дебетовой картой

Ya hachoo zaplateet’ dibitovai kartai

I'd like to pay with my debit card, please

Можно заплатить дорожными чеками?

Mozhna zaplateet’ darozhnymi chekami?

Can I pay with travelers checks?

Какой номер вашей кредитной карты?

Kakoi nomir vashei krideetnai karty?

What is your credit card number?

Мы не принимаем кредитные карты

My ni prinimaem krideetnyi karty

We don't accept credit cards

Где здесь банкомат?

Gde zdes’ bankamat?

Where is the closest ATM?

Пожалуйста, внесите ПИН-код

Pazhalusta vniseeti pin-kot

Please type in your PIN

Пожалуйста, распишитесь здесь

Pazhalusta, raspisheetis’ zdes’

Please sign here

Вот ваш чек

Vot vash chek

Here is your receipt

And when out shopping, you will need to know how to talk about prices and say you'd like to take your time!

Я просто смотрю

Ya prosta smatryoo

I am just looking

Я вернусь

Ya virnoos’

I will come back

Это слишком дорого!

Eta sleeshkam doraga!

It's too expensive!



It's how much?

That’s it for today’s lesson. Now, you are well prepared for your next shopping experience.

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