Introductions in Russian

It’s time for a crash course in Introductions in Russian! After this free audio lesson you’ll be able to recognize some common personal questions. Even better, in most cases you’ll be able to reply using simple Russian phrases and numbers.

It’s useful to be able to talk about yourself and ask about others when you’re getting to know new people. And there may be times when you need to speak to an official person, or fill out a form. Perhaps you’re booking into a hotel, or going for an interview. You’ll probably be asked some basic personal questions in Russian like “what is your nationality?” “what is your telephone number?” or “what is your date of birth?” These are all useful things to be able to talk about for everyday conversations as well, so how about we get started.

Pronouncing introductions in Russian

All the questions below are in the вы (vy)(you) form of treatment, which is the polite way to address anyone who is not your immediate family or a close friend. Please, keep in mind that ты (ty) is to be used to address your friends or children. Here are some of the most common Russian questions to get you started.

Как вас зовут?

Kak vas zavoot?

What's your name?

Какой номер вашего паспорта?

Kakoi nomir vashiva pasparta?

What is your passport number?

Какой номер вашего мобильного телефона?

Kakoi nomir vashiva mabeel’nava telefona?

What is your cell phone number?

Какой у вас номер телефона?

Kakoi oo vas nomir tilifona?

What is your telephone number?

Какой у вас адрес?

Kakoi oo vas adris?

What is your address?

Вы женаты?

Vy zhinaty?

Are you married? (a question to a man)

Вы замужем?

Vy zamuzhem?

Are you married? (a question to a woman)

У вас есть жена?

Oo vas est’ zhina?

Do you have a wife?

У вас есть муж?

Oo vas est’ moosh?

Do you have a husband?

Сколько у вас детей?

Skol’ka oo vas ditei?

How many children do you have?

У вас есть дети?

Oo vas est’ deti?

Do you have children?

Сколько у вас братьев и сестëр?

Skol’ka oo vas brat’ef i sistior?

How many siblings do you have?

У вас есть братья или сëстры?

Oo vas est’ brat’a ili syostry?

Do you have siblings?

Когда вы родились?

Kagda vy radilees’?

What is your date of birth?

Сколько вам лет?

Skol’ka vam let?

How old are you?

Какой вы национальности?

Kakoi vy natsianal’nasti?

What's your nationality?

Откуда вы?

Atkooda vy?

Where are you from?

Какой у вас адрес электронной почты?

Kakoi u vas adris eliktronnai pochty?

What is your email address?

When you're responding, you can follow one of the simple formats below. Just insert the appropriate information in the brackets.

Меня зовут [your name]

Minya zavoot [your name]

My name is [your name]

Номер моего мобильного телефона [your number]

Nomir maivo mabeel’nava tilifona [your number]

My cell phone number is [your number]

Мой номер телефона [your number]

Moi nomir tilifona [your number]

My telephone number is [your number]

Мой адрес [your address]

Moi adris [your address]

My address is [your address]

Да, я женат

Da, ya zhinat

Yes, I' married (if you are a man)

Нет, я не женат

Net, ya ni zhinat

No, I'm not married (if you are a man)

Да, я замужем

Da, ya zamuzhem

Yes, I'm married (if you are a woman)

Нет, я не замужем

Net, ya ni zamuzhem

No, I'm not married (if you are a woman)

У меня есть муж

Oo minya est’ moosh

I have a husband

У меня нет мужа

Oo minya net moozha

I don't have a husband

У меня есть жена

Oo minya est’ zhina

I have a wife

У меня нет жены

Oo minya net zhiny

I don't have a wife

У меня один ребëнок

Oo minya adeen ribyonak

I have one child

У меня двое детей

Оo minya dvoe ditei

I have 2 children

У меня трое детей

Оo minya troe ditei

I have 3 children

У меня четверо детей

Оo minya chetvira ditei

I have 4 children

Нет, у меня нет детей

Net, oo minya net ditei

No, I have no children

У меня есть

Oo miniy est’

I have

У меня нет

Oo minya net

I don't have.

Мой день рождения [day] [month] [year]

Moi den’ razhdenia [day] [month] [year]

My birthday is on the [day] of [month] [year]

Мне [number] лет.

Mne[number] let.

I am [number] years old.

Я [nationality]

Ya [nationality]

I'm [nationality]

Я из [country name]

Ya iz [country name]

I'm from [country name]

Мой паспорт номер [your number]

Moi paspart nomir [your number]

My passport number is [your number]

Yes and No

A couple of very useful words for you to know in Russian:







Filling out Forms

When filling out the forms, you will commonly be asked for the following information:



First name



surname/last name
















Дата рождения

Data razhdenia

Date of birth






Telephone Number




номер паспорта

Nomir pasparta

Passport Number

That’s it for this lesson, well done!

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До скорого! (da skorava)


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