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Airplane in Russian

How do you say boarding pass and luggage in Russian? What’s the Russian expression for “connecting flight”? These are useful Russian words and phrases to pack in your hand luggage before you depart!

In this free lesson, we’ll also show you how to ask the flight attendants for what you need in Russian, and understand their instructions. We hope you won’t need to explain that something has gone wrong with your travel plans, but just in case, we’ll teach you how to do that too.

Knowing how to use these essential Russian travel phrases will give you more confidence next time you’re traveling by plane in Russia, so let’s get started with this free lesson on airplane in Russian!

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Pronouncing airplane in Russian

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Полка для ручной клади

Polka dlya ruchnoi kladi

Over head locker

Ремни безопасности

Rimnee bizapasnasti


аварийный выход

avareeinyi vyhat

Emergency Exit






Flight attendant

Посадочный талон

Pasadachnyi talon

Boarding pass

Imagine you are on a flight from America to Russia. It’s a long way, so make sure you know how to ask for a drink or an extra blanket in case you are cold. Repeat the new words aloud to practice your pronunciation.

Дайте пожалуйста стакан воды.

Daiti pazhalusta stakan vady.

I would like to have a glass of water.

У меня аэрофобия.

Oo minya aerafobia.

I'm scared of flying.

Я хочу есть.

Ya hachoo est’.

I'm hungry.

Мне холодно. У вас есть одеяло?

Mne holadna. Oo vas est’ adiyala?

I'm cold. Do you have a blanket?

Когда самолëт приземлится?

Kagda samalyot prizimleetsa?

When is the plane going to land?

Пожалуйста, пристегните ремни безопасности.

Pazhalusta pristigneeti rinee bizapasnasti.

Please fasten your seatbelt.

Мои наушники не работают.

Maee naooshniki ni rabotaiut.

My headset doesn't work.

Мы проходим зону турбулентности.

My prahodim zonu turbulentnasti.

We are going to pass through a zone of turbulence.

Once you arrive at the airport you will have to collect your luggage. Simply follow the signs to the Выдача багажа (vydacha bagazha) and make your way to the таможенный контроль (tamozhinyi kantrol’). Listen to the audio below to hear the pronunciation…

Выдача багажа

Vydacha bagazha

Baggage claim

Таможенный контроль

Tamozhinyi kantrol’


Hopefully you won't need to use the following phrases, but it’s still handy to know them.

Мой багаж повреждëн.

Moi bagash pavrizhdyon.

My luggage got damaged.

Мой багаж потерялся.

Moi bagash patiryalsa

My luggage got lost.

Я опоздал на свой стыковочный рейс.

Ya apazdal na svoi stykovachnyi reis.

I've missed my connecting flight. (m)

Я потерял свой паспорт.

Ya patiryal svoi paspart.

I've lost my passport. (m)

Я потерял свой билет.

Ya patiryal svoi bilet.

I've lost my ticket. (m)

Я потерял свой посадочный талон.

Ya patiryal svoi pasadachnyi talon

I've lost my boarding pass. (m)

Я заблудился.

Ya zabludeelsa.

I'm lost. (m)

Я опоздала на свой стыковочный рейс.

Ya apazdala na svoi stykovachnyi reis.

I've missed my connecting flight. (f)

Я потеряла свой паспорт.

Ya patiryala svoi paspart.

I've lost my passport. (f)

Я потеряла свой билет.

Ya patiryala svoi bilet.

I've lost my ticket. (f)

Я потеряла свой посадочный талон.

Ya patiryala svoi pasadachnyi talon

I've lost my boarding pass. (f)

Я заблудилась.

Ya zabludeelas'.

I'm lost (f)

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed the lesson!

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