Accommodation in Arabic

If you’re traveling in an Arabic-speaking country and you’ve just arrived in a new place, how do you ask the locals about finding accommodation in Arabic?

How do you explain that you’re looking for a good hotel, or one close to the center of town? Perhaps you’re traveling with children, in which case you might prefer a family-friendly hotel. After this free audio lesson you’ll know how to ask for suitable accommodation in Arabic.

Once you know your options you might need to ask some more questions like “where is?” or “how much?” in Arabic. Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. Stick with the Rocket Arabic team and you’ll have your bags unpacked and your feet up in no time!

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All the gender specific words in this lesson are in the masculine form.

Let's get started. You ask Do you know….?

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تعرف اوتيل كويس؟

Te3raf otel kowayes?

… a good hotel?

تعرف اوتيل مش غالي؟

Te3raf otel mesh 3'aly?

… an inexpensive hotel?

تعرف اوتيل عائلات لطيف؟

Te3raf otel 3a2elat latif?

…a family-friendly hotel?

تعرف اوتيل هادي؟

Te3raf otel hady?

…a quiet hotel?

تعرف اوتيل في وسط البلد؟

Te3raf otel fi west el balad?

…a hotel in the center?

Listen to the link below if you prefer other types of accommodation.

Is there...?

في بيت طلبة؟

Fee beyt talaba?

… a youth hostel?

في ارض معسكرات؟

Fee ard mo3askrat?

… a camping ground?

في فندق رخيص؟

Fee fondo2 re7'ees?

…a motel?

Once you have decided where to stay you need to find out how to get there.

لو سمحت, اروح الشيراتون ازاي؟

Lao sama7t, arou7 el shiraton ezay?

How do I get to the (sheraton) hotel, please?

لو سمحت, فين موقف التاكسيات؟

Lao sama7t, feyn maw2af el takseyat?

Where is the taxi stand, please?

اي اوتوبيس يودي الشيراتون؟

Ay autobees yewady el shiraton?

Which bus goes to the (sheraton) hotel?

A taxi ride is not very expensive in Egypt, but you still should get an idea of the price before you hop in. Public transportion (the bus) is available but can be crowded. Most cities have bus lanes. Here are some important words and phrases for you to remember.

انا عايز اروح الشيراتون, لو سمحت.

Ana 3ayez arou7 el shiraton, lao sama7t.

I would like to go to the (sheraton) hotel, please.

بكام لحد الشيراتون؟

Bekam le7ad el shiraton?

How much does it cost to the (sheraton) hotel...?

هو بعيد؟

Howa be3id?

Is it far?

اكتر ولا اقل؟

Aktar walla a2al?

More or less?

انت بتروح الشيراتون؟

Enta betrou7 el shiraton?

Do you go to the (sheraton) hotel...?

هو في محطة اوتوبيس قريبة من هنا؟

Howa fee ma7atet autobees orayeba men el otel?

Is there a bus stop close to the hotel?

موقف تاكسيات

Maw2af takseyat.

The taxi stand

محطة اوتوبيس

Ma7atet autobees.

The bus stop



The taxi

Well, that’s it for now.

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!مع السلامة (Ma3a essalama!) Goodbye!

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