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Health in Arabic

In case you need to visit a drugstore or a doctor when you’re travelling in an Arabic-speaking country, it’s important to learn some basic words and phrases for talking about health in Arabic. We hope you never need to use them, but check out this free audio lesson – it doesn’t hurt to be prepared!

Do you know the Arabic words for different parts of the body? What’s the Arabic expression for stomach ache? How do you tell someone to call an ambulance, or explain to a doctor that you’re in pain?

Resources for further reading:

After this lesson you’ll be able to describe your symptoms in Arabic, and know what to say in an emergency if necessary.

Let’s get started…

Pronunciation help for talking about health in Arabic

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Word for doctor in Arabic

In this lesson all gender specific words are in the masculine form unless the word itself is feminine!

انا موجوع.

Ana mawgoo3.

I'm in pain.

انا عندي صداع.

Ana 3andy soda3.

I have a headache.

انا بطني بتوجعني.

Ana batny btewga3ny.

I have a stomach ache

انا زوري بيوجعني.

Ana zory byewga3ny.

I have a sore throat.

انا وداني بتوجعني.

Ana wdany btewga3ny.

I have sore ears.

انا سنتي بتوجعني

Ana senety btewga3ny.

I have a tooth ache.

انا عيان.

Ana 3yan.

I'm sick.

The following phrases are useful when describing where it hurts…

دراعي بيوجعني.

Dra3y byewga3ny.

My arm hurts.

رجلي بتوجعني.

Regly btewga3ny.

My leg hurts.

دماغي بتوجعني.

Dema3'y btewga3ny.

My head hurts.

ركبتي بتوجعني.

Rokbety btewga3ny.

My knee hurts.

ظهري بيوجعني.

Dahry byewga3ny.

My back hurts.

لستي بتوجعني.

Lesety btewga3ny.

My gum hurts.

رجلي بتوجعني.

Regly btewga3ny.

My foot hurts.

صباعي بيوجعني.

Soba3y byewga3ny.

My finger hurts.

صباع رجلي بيوجعني.

Soba3 regly byewga3ny.

My toe hurts.

عيني بتوجعني.

3eyny btewga3ny.

My eye hurts.

كتفي بيوجعني.

Ketfy byewga3ny.

My shoulder hurts.

صدري بيوجعني.

Sedry byewga3nt.

My chest hurts.

When you go to the doctor he or she will ask you about your symptoms…

ايه الاعراض اللي عندك؟

A el a3rad ely 3andak?

What kind of symptoms do you have?

عندك وجع؟

3andak waga3?

Do you have pain?

فين الوجع؟

Feyn el waga3?

Where do you have pain?

عندك سخونية؟

3andak s7'oneya?

Do you have fever?

Maybe you have an idea what’s wrong with you. You could say…

انا عندي برد.

Ana 3andy bard.

I have a cold.

انا عندي انفلونزا.

Ana 3andy anfluanza.

I have the flu.

انا عندي التهاب.

Ana 3andy eltehab.

I have an infection.

انا عندي فيرس.

Ana 3andy virus.

I have a virus.

انا عندي حساسية.

Ana 3andy 7saseya.

I have an allergy.

انا عندي حساسية زرع.

Ana 3andy 7saseyet zar3.

I have hay fever.

انا عندي مغص.

Ana 3andy ma3'us.

I have period pain.

Maybe you cut yourself and all you need is a bandage, you might need some sleeping pills for a long haul flight or cough syrup. Here is what you have to say…

انا محتاج شاش.

Ana me7tag shash.

I need a bandage.

انا محتاج بلاستر.

Ana me7tag plastar.

I need a band-aid.

انا محتاج مسكن.

Ana me7tag mosaken.

I need some pain killers.

انا محتاج حبوب منومة.

Ana me7tag 7boob monawema.

I need some sleeping pills.

انا محتاج دواء كحة.

Ana me7tag dawa ko7a.

I need some cough syrup.

انا محتاج حبوب استحلاب للزور.

Ana me7tag 7eboob este7lab lelzor.

I need some throat lozenges.

انا محتاج روشتة.

Ana me7tag rosheta.

I need a prescription.

انا محتاجة حبوب منع الحمل.

Ana me7taga 7boob man3 el 7aml.

I need some contraception.

Here are some more general phrases and words…


El sydaleya

The pharmacy


El dawa

The medicine


El es3af

The Ambulance

كلم الاسعاف

Kalem el es3af

Call an ambulance!


El mostashfa

The hospital

That’s it for this lesson. I hope you stay happy and healthy.

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!مع السلامة (Ma3a essalama!) Goodbye!

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