Arabic Salutations

This series of Arabic lessons covers all the different Arabic salutations. From "hello" to "goodbye" and everything in between, these lessons will help you become the ultimate master in politeness when you encounter Arabic-speaking people!

Introducing people in Arabic

It's time for a crash course in introductions in Arabic! After this free audio lesson you’ll be able to recognize some common personal questions to use with Arabic introductions. Even better, in most cases you’ll be able to reply using simple Arabic phrases.

Polite words in Arabic

Ready to be on your best behavior? After this free Rocket Arabic lesson you’ll be able to say "thank you," "excuse me," "sorry," and use other polite words in Arabic with confidence. You’ll also know how to express your appreciation when someone is being helpful to you.

Thank you in Arabic

Knowing how to be polite in Arabic is essential for any Arabic language learner. After today’s free Arabic audio lesson you’ll be able to say thank you in Arabic and use other polite Arabic expressions with confidence.

Listen carefully to the Arabic pronunciation and practice saying the Arabic phrases aloud – you’ll have these mastered in no time!

!مع السلامة (Ma3a essalama!) Goodbye!

Amira Zaki: Rocket Arabic