Free French Lessons

These free French lessons will teach you how to improve your French knowledge and pronunciation immensely. Make sure that you use Rocket Record, our voice recognition technology (available on Chrome only at this stage) to get your French pronunciation perfect!

At the bottom of each French lesson you will find the Testing section. Using these scientifically designed tests will help your recall of all the French that you have learned! Allons-y ! Let's go!

Get started with these French lessons!

The French Alphabet

It's best to get started with the basics. Understanding the French alphabet sounds will make the learning process a lot easier further down the track. The French alphabet is very similar to the English alphabet with a few notable exceptions! Click here for the lesson on the French alphabet

French numbers 0 to 100

This lesson covers the French numbering system up to 100. There is an easy pattern to follow until you get to the higher numbers! All of this is explained in detail in this lesson on the numbers in French.

Understanding French accents

French does have some unusual looking "modified" letters that change the way a word is pronounced. These accents and the letters they effect are all shown in the lesson on the French accents.

Sing Happy Birthday in French!

If you are looking for something a little more fun with your French then being able to sing Happy Birthday in French should fit the bill! Learn the song and the different ways to say Happy Birthday in French with this lesson.

Describe people in French

A great way to expand your French vocabulary is to learn to describe peoples characteristics in French. This lesson teaches you how to describe peoples hair, eye and skin color, height, weight and more. On a similar note, if you want to talk about someone being beautiful in French then check out this lesson.

Talk about your family

How do you say "parents" in French? It's a lot easier than you may think! This lesson covers how to talk about your family in French. It also gives more insight on the use of masculine and feminine words in French, something we don't need to worry about in English thankfully!

Discuss your hobbies

These next few lessons cover common hobbies that you may do, and the vocabulary associated with them. - How to talk about different types of music in French,

Everyone loves shopping in France

If you love shopping then these are key lessons to make sure you get a great deal (and order the right thing). Remember, a hearty Bonjour Madame/Monsieur goes a long way in any French shop. Check out these French lessons: - Going shopping in French,

It's important to be able to talk about the weather in French

The weather is probably a common topic where you live and In France it's no different. Being able to talk about the weather in French can be a wonderful ice-breaker when chatting to locals. There's a solid 45 audio phrases to learn in this lesson!

Talking about your health and body in French

Finally we get to another topic that is very important to the French. They have a great healthcare system and if you need to use it then these lessons are indispensable! - Talking about your health in French,