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The word for wine in French is vin. Find out types of wines in French with this free lesson! Listen to the audio of French wine words and practice your pronunciation with our voice recognition tool.

After this lesson you’ll be talking about wine in French like an expert! Whether you’re looking for some local French wine to accompany your picnic in the countryside, or you’re planning some serious wine tasting in France, I’ve got you covered… You’ll learn everything from how to ask for a glass of red wine in French to finding your way around the wine regions in France. Enjoy!

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French wine

Wine in French

“La dégustation” has nothing to do with being disgusted or disgusting! “La dégustation des vins” is all about wine tasting. If names like Côtes du Rhône, Beaune, Chablis, and Alsace bring a fond smile to your face, then you're in the right place!

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La dégustation des vins

Wine tasting

Mis en bouteille au château

Bottled at the chateau

Appellation contrôlée

Designated growing area

Le vignoble

The vineyard

Le sommelier

The wine waiter

Le grand cru

Regionally graded wine

Un verre de rouge

A glass of red wine

Un verre de blanc

A glass of white wine

Une coupe de champagne

A flute of champagne

Un litre de vin du pays

A litre of wine (from a cooperative)

À votre santé !

To your good health!

Wine terms in France

It could be said that France traditionally held a monopoly on wine production and appreciation until the second half of the 20th century. Currently, the French wine industry has to work very hard to compete with other leading edge technologies and successful award winning wine growers from all over the world.

As international wine mentors, all French wine producers are known by a distinct feature: their wines are labeled by their regions, not the type of grape.

A Château Margaux, to take a world class wine, is from south-west France and comes straight from a château in the Bordeaux region by the same name.

St Emilion is a village near Bordeaux, and is also the home of another “Grand Cru,” “great vintage,” Château Latour.

“Guides gastronomiques,” “culinary guides ,” are enjoyed by “dégustateurs” ( wine tasters) from all over the world, every one of them written by fans of France’s rich legacy in wine.

Traditionally, expertise in “ the soil” (“le terroir”) and “ grapes” (“les raisins”) has always been the key to making good wines. However, it’s the name of the wine that underpins the unique philosophy of wine appreciation in France, and it is something that was in place way before branding came into vogue.

The label continues to evoke and elevate a great wine’s status by specifying whether the wine is château produced and bottled “ mis en bouteille.” It gives the name of the producer’s property, mentions the vintage year, and whether it has come from a strictly defined growing area, “ appellation contrôlée.”

Tasting French wine

French wine vocabulary:

La Dégustation des Vins!

La vigne

The vine

Les vendanges

The harvest

La viniculture

The wine industry

Le sommelier

The wine waiter

Le grand cru

Superior vintage

Un Bourgogne

A bottle of Burgundy wine

Un Chablis

A bottle of Chablis wine

Le terroir

The soil, the land

La vallée de la Loire

The Loire Valley


To visit

La région Sancerroise

The Sancerre Region

Connu de par le monde

World famous

Une ancienne tradition

An ancient tradition

Les bonnes directions

Good directions

Pour trouver

To find

Un des meilleurs

One of the best


Local (feminine)


Local (plural with one masculin minimum)

Au moins

At least

Du pinard

Cheap wine

Un grand millésime

A vintage wine

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À bientôt!

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