Clothes in Hindi

Knowing some words for clothes in Hindi will be useful in all kinds of situations. Whether you’re strolling in a city or adventuring away from the crowds, after this free audio lesson you’ll be able to describe what you need to suit the weather, or what you’re looking for when shopping for clothes in India.

If you’re traveling on vacation it’s likely you’ll be more dependent on the weather, especially if you’re planning to spend a lot of time outside. You'll enjoy yourself a lot more if you have the appropriate clothing! What’s the Hindi word for jacket? How do you explain that you need a pair of thick socks for walking? Listen to the native-speaker’s pronunciation and practice saying the Hindi words aloud until you feel confident.

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Pronouncing clothes in Hindi

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Let's get started....



A coat

स्विम ट्रंक

svima ṭraṃka

Swim trunks

तैरने के कपड़े

tairane ke kapaḍa़e

A swimsuit

हल्के कपड़े

halke kapaḍa़e

Light clothing

गरम कपड़े

garam kapaḍa़e

Warm clothing



A sweater

सैंडल / चप्पल

saiṃḍala / cappala


मोटी मोज़े की जोड़ी

moṭī moja़e kī joḍa़ī

A pair of thick socks

दस्ताने की जोड़ी

dastāne kī joḍa़ī

A pair of gloves



An umbrella



A raincoat



A jacket



A hat



A scarf



A bikini

Socks in Hindi

If you are lucky enough to have some sunny weather you might also need…

धूप का चष्मा / सन ग्लास

dhūpa kā caṣmā / sana glāsa

The sunglasses



The sunscreen



A sun hat

If the weather is no good, you may want to say that you are boiling hot, freezing cold, wet or miserable. See which one of these phrases suits you...

मै ठंडा / ठंडी हूँ

mai ṭhaṃḍā / ṭhaṃḍī hūn

I'm cold.

मैं बहुत ठंडा हूँ ।

maiṃ bahuta ṭhaṃḍā hūn ।

I'm freezing.

मुझे गर्मी लग रही है ।

mujhe garmī laga rahī hai ।

I'm (feeling) hot.

मुझे पसीना आ रहा है ।

mujhe pasīnā ā rahā hai ।

I'm sweating.

मेरे पैर ठंडे हैं ।

mere paira ṭhaṃḍe haiṃ ।

My feet are cold.

मेरी उन्गलियाँ बहुत ठंडी हैं ।

merī ungaliyām̐ bahuta ṭhaṃḍī haiṃ ।

My fingers are frozen.

मै गीला हूँ ।

mai gīlā hūn ।

I'm wet.

So whether it’s boiling hot, freezing cold, or humid and sticky... you now have the right language to communication how you feel, and what clothing you need to match the conditions. Well done!

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फिर मिलेंगे (phir milenge),

Nikita Sharma: Rocket Hindi

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