Introductions in Hindi

It’s time for a crash course in introductions in Hindi! After this free audio lesson you’ll be able to recognize some common personal questions. Even better, in most cases you’ll be able to reply using simple Hindi phrases and numbers.

It’s useful to be able to talk about yourself and ask about others when you’re getting to know new people. And there may be times when you need to speak to an official person, or fill out a form.

Perhaps you’re booking into a hotel, or going for an interview. You’ll probably be asked some basic personal questions in Hindi like “what is your nationality?” “what is your telephone number?” or “what is your date of birth?” These are all useful things to be able to talk about for everyday conversations as well, so how about we get started…

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Pronouncing introductions in Hindi

All the questions below are expressed formally, so you’ll be addressed with ”Aap” the formal form of “you.”

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आपका नाम क्या है?

āpakā nāma kyā hai?

What's your name?

आपका पासपोर्ट नंबर क्या है?

āpakā pāsaporṭa naṃbara kyā hai?

What is your passport number?

आपका मोबाइल नंबर क्या है?

āpakā mobāila naṃbara kyā hai?

What is your cell phone number?

आपका फोन नंबर क्या है?

āpakā phona naṃbara kyā hai?

What is your telephone number?

आपका पता क्या है?

āpakā patā kyā hai?

What is your address?

क्या आप शादीशुदा हैं?

kyā āpa śādīśudā haiṃ?

Are you married?

क्या आपके पति या पत्नी हैं?

kyā āpake pati yā patnī haiṃ?

Do you have a spouse?

आपके कितने बच्चे हैं?

āpake kitane bacce haiṃ?

How many children do you have?

क्या आप के बच्चे हैं?

kyā āpa ke bacce haiṃ?

Do you have children?

आपके कितने भाई बहन हैं?

āpake kitane bhāī bahana haiṃ?

How many siblings do you have?

क्या आपके भाई बहन हैं?

kyā āpake bhāī bahana haiṃ?

Do you have siblings?

आपकी जन्मतिथि क्या है?

āpakī janmatithi kyā hai?

What is your date of birth?

आपकी उम्र क्या है?

āpakī umra kyā hai?

How old are you?

आपकी राष्ट्रीयता क्या है?

āpakī rāṣṭrīyatā kyā hai?

What's your nationality?

आप कहाँ से हैं?

āpa kahām̐ se haiṃ?

Where are you from?

आपका ईमेल पता क्या है?

āpakā īmela patā kyā hai?

What is your email address?

When you’re responding, you can follow one of the simple formats below. Just insert the appropriate information in the brackets.

मेरा नाम ----- है ।

merā nāma ----- hai ।

My name is [your name].

मेरा मोबाइल नंबर ----- है ।

merā mobāila naṃbara ----- hai ।

My cell phone number is [your number].

मेरा फोन नंबर ----- है ।

merā phona naṃbara ----- hai ।

My telephone number is [your number].

मेरा पता ----- है ।

merā patā ----- hai ।

My address is [your address].

हाँ, मैं शादी शुदा हूँ

hām̐, maiṃ śādī śudā hūn

Yes, I'm married

नहीं, मैं शादी शुदा नहीं हूँ

nahīṃ, maiṃ śādī śudā nahīṃ hūn

No, I'm not married

हाँ, मेरे पति हैं

hām̐, mere pati haiṃ

Yes, I have a husband

हाँ, मेरी पत्नी हैं

hām̐, merī patnī haiṃ

Yes, I have a wife

नहीं, मेरे पति नहीं हैं

nahīṃ, mere pati nahīṃ haiṃ

No, I don't have a husband

नहीं, मेरी पत्नी नहीं हैं

nahīṃ, merī patnī nahīṃ haiṃ

No, I don't have a wife

मेरा एक बच्चा है

merā eka baccā hai

I have one child

मेरे --- बच्चे हैं

mere --- bacce haiṃ

I have [number] children

हाँ, मेरे -- बच्चे हैं

hām̐, mere -- bacce haiṃ

Yes, I have [number] children

नहीं, मेरे बच्चे नहीं हैं

nahīṃ, mere bacce nahīṃ haiṃ

No, I have no children

मेरा --- भाई और -- बहन हैं ।

merā --- bhāī aura -- bahana haiṃ ।

I have [number] siblings.

जी हाँ, मेरे भाई बहन हैं

jī hām̐, mere bhāī bahana haiṃ

Yes, I have siblings

नहीं, मेरे भाई बहन नहीं है

nahīṃ, mere bhāī bahana nahīṃ hai

No, I have no siblings

मेरा जन्मदिन -------- को है ।

merā janmadina -------- ko hai ।

My birthday is on the [day] of [month] [year].

मै ---- साल का हूँ ।

mai ---- sāla kā hūn

I am [number] years old.

मैं ---- हूँ ।

maiṃ ---- hūn ।

I'm [nationality].

मैं ---- से हूँ ।

maiṃ ---- se hūn ।

I'm from [country name].

मेरा पासपोर्ट नंबर ----- है ।

merā pāsaporṭa naṃbara ----- hai ।

My passport number is [your number].

Yes and No

A couple of very useful words for you to know are “Yes” and “No.”







Filling out Forms













जन्म दिन


Date of birth




फोन नम्बर

Phone Number

Telephone Number

मोबाइल नम्बर

Mobile Number

Mobile Number

पासपोर्ट नम्बर

Passport Number

Passport Number

Introducing you family in Hindi

That’s it for this lesson, well done!

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