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Hindi hotel phrases

Staying at a hotel in India? Imagine you’ve been given your room key and the Hindi-speaking receptionist is giving you instructions. How many Hindi hotel phrases do you know?

After this free audio lesson you'll be able to ask the hotel staff for what you need in Hindi, find your way around the hotel, and explain any concerns you might have. You’ll learn the Hindi words for “room,” “check out” and other essentials. Even if you’re lucky enough to find the perfect hotel, it will be useful to know a few Hindi words and phrases so you can understand the staff assisting you. Need an extra blanket? Let's start with some basics...

Resources for further reading:

Pronouncing Hindi hotel phrases

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The key

चाबी नम्बर

cābī nambara

The key number

आप कमरा नम्बर उन्नीस में हैं ।

āpa kamarā nambara unnīsa meṃ haiṃ ।

You are in room number 19.

Asking for the key in Hindi

Directions will be given with reference to floors...

भू तल

bhū tala

Ground floor

पहली मंजिल

pahalī maṃjila

First floor

दूसरी मंजिल

dūsarī maṃjila

Second floor

तीसरी मंजिल

tīsarī maṃjila

Third floor

चौथी मंजिल

cauthī maṃjila

Fourth floor

You may wish to know where the following are…

लिफ्ट कहाँ है?

liphṭa kahām̐ hai?

Where is the elevator?

स्विम्मिंग पूल कहाँ है?

svimmiṃga pūla kahām̐ hai?

Where is the swimming pool?

रेस्तोरन्ट कहाँ है?

restoranṭa kahām̐ hai?

Where is the restaurant?

नाश्ता कहाँ मिलेगा?

nāśtā kahām̐ milegā?

Where do you serve breakfast?

You may also want to know:

कितने बजे कमरा खाली करना है?

Kitne baje kamrā khalee karna hai?

At what time do I need to check out of the room?

पैसे अब दूँ या बाद में?

Paise ab dūn ya bād mein?

Do I pay now or later?

नाश्ता कब होता है?

Nāshtā kab hota hai?

When do you serve breakfast?

Double bed in Hindi

If your room isn’t equipped with all the facilities you’d like, here are some useful phrases…

मुझे और तौलिए चाहिए ।

mujhe aura taulie cāhie ।

I need more towels.

मुझे और साबुन चाहिए ।

mujhe aura sābuna cāhie ।

I need more soap.

मुझे और टोइलट पेपर चाहिए ।

mujhe aura ṭoilaṭa pepara cāhie ।

I need more toilet paper.

मुझे और एक कम्बल चाहिए ।

mujhe aura eka kambala cāhie ।

I need an extra blanket.

मुझे साफ चादर चाहिए ।

mujhe sāpha cādara cāhie ।

I need clean sheets.

Here are some final words and phrases that might come in handy…

डबल बेड

ḍabala beḍa

A double bed (for two people)






The light



The water










शोर गुल

śora gula





हीटर टूटा हुआ है ।

hīṭara ṭūṭā huā hai ।

The heater is broken



The heater



The air conditioning




That’s all for today! Now you’re very well equipped with all the language you need to negotiate your way through any hairy situations that might arise with accommodation.

Why not check out some more lessons on Hindi phrases next?

फिर मिलेंगे (phir milenge),

Nikita Sharma: Rocket Hindi

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