Weather in Italian

How do you talk about the weather in Italian? Whether you’re enjoying the sunshine, snow, or something in between, this free audio lesson will teach you tons of Italian words you can use in conversation.

Whether you’re traveling in Italy or heading somewhere closer to home with native Italian speakers, the Rocket Italian team will teach you how to ask about the climate and the current weather conditions in Italian.

It’s good to be prepared and know what to expect, so let’s get started!

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Talking about the weather in Italian

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Quali sono le previsioni del tempo per oggi?

What's the weather forecast for today?

Quali sono le previsioni del tempo per questa settimana?

What's the weather forecast for this week?

Com'è il tempo?

How's the weather?

Che tempo fa?

What's the weather like?

Che tempo fa fuori?

What's it like outside?

What's the weather forecast for today?

There are a lot of possible answers to that question. Here are the most common ones…

Fa caldo.

It's warm.

Fa freddo.

It's cold.

È ventoso.

It's windy

È burrascoso.

It's stormy.

Fa caldo.

It's hot.

È soleggiato.

It's sunny.

È sereno.

It's clear.

È nuvoloso.

It's cloudy.

È piacevole.

It's nice.

È freddissimo.

It's icy.

È umido.

It's humid.

You can use the word “molto” (very) for all of the above phrases to emphasize that it's not just cold or warm, but very cold or very warm.

For example:

Fa molto freddo.

It's very cold.

Fa molto caldo.

It's very warm.

Fa caldissimo.

It's very hot.

Fa freddissimo.

It's very icy.

Italian beach

When talking about rain you can use the following expressions …

Sta piovendo or Piove.

It's raining.

È piovoso.

It's rainy.

For a farmer rain might be all he needs, whereas a soccer team might be hoping for a sunny day. Here are some more general answers.

Fa cattivo tempo.

It's miserable weather.

Fa bel tempo

It's good weather.

È brutto tempo.

It's bad weather.

È bel tempo.

It's beautiful weather.

Fa un tempo orribile.

It's terrible weather.

If you are planning to travel to Italy, Switzerland or Austria during the winter time, you'll definitely need to know the next two sentences. Let me assure you, there will be plenty of opportunities to use them.

Sta nevicando or Nevica.

It's snowing

Fa un freddo gelido.

It's icy cold

Snow on an Italian highway

Here are some more words that describe certain weather conditions…


The rainbow

La grandine

The hail

La pioggia

The rain

Il tuono

The thunder

Il temporale

The thunderstorm

Il lampo

The lightning

Il terremoto

The earthquake

La tempesta

The storm


The hurricane

La temperatura

The temperature

La nebbia

The fog


The flood

Il ghiaccio

The ice

La neve

The snow

Il fiocco di neve

The snowflake

La nuvola

The cloud

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A presto!

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