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Learn Italian online with Rocket Italian Premium Plus (Level 2)

Boost your Italian fluency with Rocket Italian Premium Plus (Level 2)... your second Rocket Italian adventure!

Maria DiLorenzi

From: Maria DiLorenzi
Rocket Italian Tutor

Hola and welcome to Rocket Italian!

Speaking Italian is a great way to enhance your life, and it’s never too late to learn. Whether you are traveling to a Italian-speaking country, have Italian-speaking family, friends and colleagues, or you’re keen to refresh your memory, Rocket Italian Premium Plus (Level 2) has everything you need to take your Italian language skills to the next level!

Do you want to speak Italian confidently in situations that you encounter?

Do you dream of mastering this beautiful language so that you can speak in Italian naturally, about absolutely anything at all?

Well, that's why we offer Rocket Italian Premium Plus (Level 2), the second level of your Rocket Italian journey!

With Rocket Italian Premium Plus (Level 2), and the Rocket Express Learning System, you’ll learn to adapt your Italian to different situations, extend your Italian vocabulary, and get insights into the culture and the way the Italian language works.

Read on to discover how easy we’ve made it for you to.

Rocket Italian Host - Maria DiLorenzi

Maria DiLorenzi
Rocket Italian

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Your Second Level of Rocket Italian Includes:

  • 33 Interactive Audio lessons, with more advanced conversations that you can take part in to become a more confident Italian speaker.

  • 7 practical topics to extend your Italian vocabulary and improve your Italian fluency. You will cover the workplace, leisure activities, sport, entertainment and the great outdoors; Italian and Latin American legends, history and literature, friendships and relationships, future plans and ambitions.

  • 30 Language and Culture lessons to help you speak Italian more naturally. These lessons will give you insights into a wide variety of situations you're likely to encounter in a Italian-speaking country including food and drink, art, ecotourism, El Dorado, the Olmecs, neighboring countries, politics, public holidays, the media, the military, migration, banking, Cuba, gender dynamics, marriage, vegetarianism, business and more!

  • Easy-to-manage sections and user-friendly navigation to guide you on the recommended learning path

  • Progress tracking that shows you when you last accessed your lessons and which you've completed.

  • Rocket Language Testing Tools so you can rate your newly acquired Italian skills

  • My Badges the points system that empowers you to increase your learning status

  • Free automatic Rocket Italian Premium Plus (Level 2) online upgrades (we are always adding new features!)

All of your course materials are available online 24/7 in our Rocket Italian members’ area, so you can learn at your own pace, in your own time.

Thousands of Rocket Italian learners around the world have LIFETIME membership to the Rocket Italian Premium Plus (Level 2) course and FREE access to all upgrades and enhancements – you can too!

You won’t believe how easy it is to improve your Italian with all this at your fingertips...

Become a more confident Italian speaker with
33 Interactive Audio Lessons!

Rocket Italian Premium Plus (Level 2) includes 33 Interactive Audio lessons, with more advanced conversations that you can take part in to become a more confident Italian speaker!

These tracks average 30 minutes in length - that's over 16 hours of interactive audio lessons to improve your Italian!

You'll cover 7 practical topics:

  • The Perfect Tourist (You will learn to speak in Italian about what you did on the weekend, and enjoy yourself at a concert! Find out how to manage a lost luggage scenario, ask for some fairly complicated directions, and organize your accommodation bookings)

  • On the Move (After these lessons you’ll feel confident renting a car, getting gas, and finding your way around – even after you’ve received a parking fine!)

  • Getting Settled in Italy (Making yourself at home in Italy will be so much easier after these lessons on renting an apartment, opening a bank account, visiting a doctor and making complaints – the Italian way!)

  • It’s Time to Celebrate (You’ll get so much more out of your Italian experience after these lessons on Italian customs, Christmas, favourite foods and Italian etiquette.)

  • Love is in the Air (How do you propose marriage to your special someone in Italian? Get married? Win an argument?! We’ve got it all covered in these lessons on relationships)

  • As the Business World Turns (After these lessons you’ll know how to leave a business phone message in Italian, prepare for a new job, manage yourself in an interview and a business meeting - essential for anyone working in Italy!)

  • Lifestyle (You’ll learn to speak in Italian about everything from politics and current events to past memories and what you hope to achieve in the future)

Want to hear one of these more advanced Italian conversations for yourself?

Renting a Car

Italian Conversation

Roberto: Buon giorno signora.
Maria: Buon giorno signore.
Roberto: Io vorrei noleggiare una macchina per due settimane.
Maria: Certo! Che tipo di veicolo vorrebbe?
Roberto: Dunque, noi siamo una famigliola di tre persone, quindi una macchinina tipo Renault Clio dovrebbe bastare,no?
Maria: Sì, ma sarete schiacciati come sardine! Avete molti bagagli?
Roberto: Tre valigie e due borse. E un seggiolino per un bambino.
Maria: E andate lontano?
Roberto: Andiamo sul lago di Garda.
Maria: Dunque io Le consiglierei almeno un veicolo categoria B,vale a dire una famigliare del genere Renault Laguna o Volkswagen Passat. Sono spaziose, comode e piuttosto economiche. Sono tutte cinque porte, aria condizionata, doppio airbag e ABS.Può averla a benzina o diesel e anche 4 X 4 per la Passat station wagon.
Roberto: No, grazie! Conto di fare la strada normale, non fuori strada.Se prendo la Laguna quant’è il pacchetto?
Maria: Dove vuole prenderla e lasciarla?
Roberto: All’aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo.
Maria: Allora per due settimane con un massimo di quattromila chilometri, due autisti, vediamo…. Ha la patente da oltre un'anno?
Roberto: Sì, naturalmente.
Maria: Allora. Sono sei centoquarantasette euro,tasse incluse. Può acquistare un’assicurazione a copertura totale per una minima differenza.
Roberto: Grazie, deciderò con mia moglie e tornerò. A presto.

English Conversation

Roberto: Good morning, ma'am.
Maria: Good morning Sir.
Roberto: I would like to rent a car for two weeks.
Maria: Sure! What kind of vehicle would you like?
Roberto: Well, we are a small family of three people, so a small car Renault Clio type should be enough, isn't it?
Maria: Yes, but you'll be squashed like sardines. Have you got lots of luggage?
Roberto: Three suitcases and two bags. And a booster seat for a child.
Maria: And are you going far?
Roberto: We are going to Lake Garda
Maria: So I’d advise you at least a vehicle category B, that is a family car, Renault Laguna type or else a Volkswagen Passat. They are spacious, comfortable and quite economical. They all have five doors, air conditioning, double airbags and ABS. You can have it in gas or diesel and even four wheel-drives with the Passat station wagon.
Roberto: No, thanks! I expect to take normal roads, and am not going off-road. If I take the Laguna how much is the package?
Maria: Where do you want to pick it up and drop it off?
Roberto: At Venice Marco Polo airport.
Maria: So for two weeks with a mileage of 4000km maximum,2 drivers, let's see... Have you had your driving license for more than one year?
Roberto: Yes, of course.
Maria: So it's 647 Euro, taxes included. You can buy an insurance total cover for a slight difference.
Roberto: Thank you, I'm going to decide with my wife and I'll be back. See you soon.

Learn to Speak Italian Naturally with
30 Language and Culture Lessons!

If you want to speak Italian naturally, it helps to understand the culture and how the Italian language works...

This is where your 30 Rocket Italian Premium Plus (Level 2) Language & Culture Lessons come in!

Featuring the amazing Rocket Record voice recognition technology, Rocket Language Testing Tools so you can rate your own skills, quizzes, and My Notes, these lessons will help you to speak Italian with more flexibility, and improve your ability to read and write in Italian.

Rocket Italian Premium Plus (Level 2) will give you insights into a wide variety of situations you’re likely to encounter in Italy, including travel tips, regional cuisine, accommodation, getting around, festivals and celebrations, nightlife, etiquette, job-hunting, banking, relationships, identity cards, the National Health system and more.

Plus, in keeping with the Rocket Express Learning System, we’ve broken the Italian language down into easy-to-manage parts, so you can practice each part individually and then put it all together.

Whatever your current level, the Rocket Italian Premium Plus (Level 2) Language and Culture lessons are packed full of quality tips and step-by-step explanations to rapidly advance your Italian!

Get Your Language Learning Anywhere, Anytime!

Now all Rocket Languages members can have their learning in their pocket wherever they go, with the Rocket Languages app for Android and iOS.

With virtually all the functionality of the full site, the Rocket Languages app will let you listen to the audio lessons, learn the vocab, take some tests, earn some points and badges, and really get your language learning going when you just have to be away from your computer.

And everything you do using the app is happening in your actual member’s area, it’s seamless.

Once you’re a member, just download the FREE app and keep on learning wherever you are.

Buy Rocket Italian Premium Plus Now and get an Exclusive Bonus Package, worth $49.95, FREE with your order!

I've designed 7 super-effective Italian Vocab Sessions with interactive audio, to make learning loads of Italian words even easier and more fun. No boring vocabulary lists for you!

In each interactive audio session we'll focus on a single topic, and cover essential Italian words and phrases and their pronunciation. By the end of the session, you'll be amazed at all the new words you know!

These 6 Bonus Sessions for building your Italian vocabulary give you 2 extra hours of top-quality Rocket Italian interactive audio...

... AND you'll also get transcripts of each session to help you visualize each Italian word or phrase, and get comfortable with written Italian.

Want to know more about these 7 great ways to improve your Italian?

  • Bonus Session 1: Pronounciation

  • Bonus Session 2: Feelings

  • Bonus Session 3: Survival Phrases

  • Bonus Session 4: Business Italian

  • Bonus Session 5: Medical Italian

  • Bonus Session 6: Public Transport

  • Bonus Session 7: Christmas

Fuel your passion for the Italian language with our second Rocket Italian adventure!

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I am really looking forward to getting an email from you, telling me how much you have learned with the Rocket Express Learning System, and how much you are enjoying speaking Italian! I am always happy to get constructive feedback on our products, so that we can make the Rocket Italian experience even better for you!


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