Goodnight in Italian

This free audio lesson will teach you how to say Goodnight in Italian. You can perfect your pronunciation of these Italian "good night" phrases with our free voice recognition software! Just listen to the audio and follow the pronunciation.

How to say Goodnight in Italian

Italian people will make a difference between:

  • Buonasera, literally "good evening" when meeting people after 6pm in the evening or so;
  • Buonanotte, which translates “good night” and is used solely when leaving someone who is about to go to bed at night;
  • Buona serata, used to wish people a good evening;


Good evening


Good night

Buona serata

(Have a) good evening

La sera

The evening

La notte

The night

La serata

The evening / The night out

To put children to bed, parents will use Italian goodnight phrases like:

Sogni d’oro

Sweet dreams (literally: golden dreams)

Dormi bene

Sleep well

È ora di andare a letto

It's time to go to bed

That’s it for today’s lesson. I hope it was both pleasant and useful to you, and that you can use these Italian salutations to work on your pronunciation.

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