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Want to talk about the time in Italian? After this free Italian audio lesson you'll know how to talk about different times of the day in Italian and you'll get some pronunciation practice as well.

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Agreeing on the Time in Italian

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Quando ci incontriamo?

When shall we meet?

Quando ti va bene?

When is best for you? (casual)

Quando Le va bene?

When is best for you? (formal)

Quale giorno?

On which day?

Quale settimana?

Which week?

La settimana prossima?

Next week?

Durante il fine settimana?

On the weekend?

Durante la settimana?

During the week?

All’inizio della settimana?

At the start of the week?

Nel fine settimana?

At the end of the week?

Times of the day in Italian

Once you’ve agreed on a day you need to agree on a time…

Di mattina

In the morning

Prima di pranzo

Before lunch

All’ora di pranzo

At lunchtime

Di pomeriggio

In the afternoon

Di sera

In the evening

Di notte

At night

Earlier and Later in Italian

Here are some more words and phrases for you…



Più presto




Più tardi

Later / Later on

Tra poco / Presto





Straight away








The day after tomorrow

Prima o poi

Sometime (eventually)

In qualche momento

Sometime (not specified)

Alle dieci

At ten o'clock

Tra tre giorni

In three days

How to say "Do you have the time?" in Italian

Che ore sono?

What time is it?

Sa (Lei) che ore sono?

Do you have the time? (formal)

Sai (Tu) che ore sono?

Do you have the time? (informal)

Telling the time in Italian

And you may get an answer like this…

Sì, certo

Yes of course

Sono le otto

It is 8 o'clock (8:00)

Sono le nove e mezzo / Sono le nove e trenta

It is 9 thirty (9:30)

Sono le dieci e un quarto / Sono le dieci e quindici

It's quarter past ten (10:15)

È l’una meno un quarto

It is quarter to one (12:45)

No, mi dispiace

No, sorry

All about appointments in Italian

If you are wanting to confirm an appointment or arrange a meeting with a friend, the following phrases will be very useful:



Ha un appuntamento?

Do you have an appointment? (formal)

Hai un appuntamento?

Do you have an appointment? (informal)

Quando vuole un appuntamento con il dottore?

When do you want to have an appointment with the doctor?

Quando ci vogliamo incontrare?

When do you want to meet? (formal)

Quando ti va di incontrarci?

When do you want to meet? (informal)

And you may need someone repeat when your appointment is…

Quando ho il mio appuntamento?

When do I have my appointment?

Quando ci incontriamo di nuovo?

When are we meeting again?

More useful vocabulary about the time in Italian

Here's some useful Italian vocabulary relating to time…

L’orologio da polso

The wristwatch


The clock, the watch

Un appuntamento

An appointment

Una riunione

A meeting

La data

The date

Essere in tempo

To be on time

Essere in ritardo

To be late

That’s it for today’s lesson. I hope you had fun!

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