At the airport in Italian

If you want to travel by air in Italy, you need to know what to say at the airport in Italian. The Rocket Italian team is here to help! After this free audio lesson you’ll know Italian words and phrases that will make your journey a lot more fun and enjoyable.

Can’t find the departure gate? Prefer a window seat? Not sure when your flight is boarding? We’ve got it covered. Stick with us and you’ll be sure to get on the plane safely and on time - in Italian!

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At the airport in Italian

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Sala partenze

Departure Hall

Sala arrivi

Arrival Hall

Controllo passaporti


Porta d'imbarco or Gate


How long is the flight?

Now, here are the important questions that you will need before to take off with your flight!

In Italian we use the English word "check-in" to refer to the counter to check-in to the flight while we use the word "biglietteria" if we want to refer to airline counter to change a ticket for example.

Listen to each word and its English translation and repeat the words aloud.

Quando devo essere all'aeroporto?

When do I have to be at the airport?

Quanto dura il volo?

How long is the flight?

Quanto dura la fermata?

How long is the stop over?

Servono un pasto caldo?

Will they serve a hot meal?

È il volo completo?

Is the flight very busy?

Ho bisogno di visto?

Do I need a visa?

Quanto è valido il visto?

How long is the visa valid for?

Quanti bagagli posso portare?

How many pieces of luggage can I take?

Some people prefer window seats, some want to sit close to the aisle. I always ask for a window seat, that way I can get a first impression of the city we are going to land in, from above.

Whichever one you prefer, here are the Italian words for it…

Posto finestrino

Window seat

Posto corridoio

Aisle seat

Vorrei il posto finestrino, per favore.

I would like to have a window seat, please.

Vorrei il posto corridoio, per favore.

I would like to have an aisle seat, please.

How long do I have to be at the airport?

Here are some possible answers you might get…

Deve essere al gate 15 minuti prima della partenza

You have to be at the gate 15 minutes prior to departure. (formal)

Purtroppo, non abbiamo nessun posto finestrino disponibile.

Unfortunately, we don't have any window seats left.

Non ha bisogno di nessun visto

You won't need a visa. (formal)

Servono uno snack e la cena.

They will serve a snack and dinner.

Può portare solo un bagaglio a mano

You can only take one piece of hand luggage. (formal)

Il Suo bagaglio è troppo pesante

Your luggage is too heavy. (formal)

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A presto!

Maria DiLorenzi and the Rocket Italian Team

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