Basic Italian words

This Italian lesson is on basic Italian words. If you plan on visiting Italy or you are new to Italian and you’d like to jump in and play with the language, these series of basic words in Italian can be very useful.

Get started with these basic Italian words!

How to pronounce basic Italian greetings

Here are some of the most basic Italian words to get you started. Further on in this lesson we will look at the pronunciation of these and more Italian words.

  • Buongiorno - Good morning, good day
  • Buona giornata - (Have a) good day
  • Buon pomeriggio - Good afternoon (from noon to 6 pm)
  • Buonasera - Good evening (used after 6pm)
  • Buona serata - Good night (when wishing someone to have fun out)
  • Buonanotte - Good night (when going to bed)
  • Ciao - Hello (informal)
  • Arrivederci - Goodbye (to one person or to a group, formal)
  • ArrivederLa - Goodbye (to one person only, formal)
  • Ci vediamo - See you

Greetings are the foundation of a good dialogue! Depending on the situation, choose one of the following:

Basic Italian words for Presentations

Dealing with Misunderstandings in Italian

Giving Wishes in Italian

Saying "I am..." in Italian

Would you like to say you are hungry, thirsty, or tired? These are the words for you.

Italian Indications

Arguing in Italian

Basic Italian Numbers

Basic Italian Colors

Pronouncing food and drinks in Italian

Italian Transportation

Common household objects in Italian

Everyday Italian life

Sightseeing in Italy

Our lesson ends here. I hope you learned tons of new words with this free lesson!

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Hear It Say It!

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Write It!

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Write it! helps you to improve your written Italian and your understanding of sentence structures. Just listen to the audio and type in what you hear!

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