Directions in Korean

Imagine you’re traveling in Seoul and you need to ask for directions in Korean. What’s the word for "Where" in Korean? And how do you get there?

This free lesson will teach you some essential travel directions in Korean so you can catch a train, find your hotel and navigate your way around the city.

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Pronunciation of directions in Korean

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어떻게 가요?

Eoddeohge gayo?

How do I get to….

대성당에 어떻게 가는지 좀 알려주시겠어요?

Daeseongdang-e eoddeohge ganeunji jom allyeo jushigesseoyo?

How do I get to the cathedral please?

호텔에 어떻게 가는지 좀 알려주시겠어요?

Hotel-e eoddeohge ganeunji jom allyeojushigesseoyo?

How do I get to the hotel please?


…eodi eyo?

Where is…?

환전소가 어디에요?

Hwanjeonsoga eodi eyo?

Where is the currency exchange?

지하철역이 어디에요?

Jihacheol yeok-i eodi eyo?

Where is the train station?


Eolma eyo?

How much?

요금이 얼마에요?

Yogeum-i eolma eyo?

How much is the fare?

거기까지 가는데 얼마에요?

Geogikkaji ga neun de eolma eyo?

How much is it to get there?

모두들 즐거운 여행 되세요!

Modudeul jeulgeo un yeohaeng doeseyo!

Have a happy trip everyone!

지하철 노선

jihacheol noseon

The subway network

시내 중심부

shinae jungshimbu

The city centre or CBD

서울보다 큰 교외

Seoulboda keun gyo oe

Greater Seoul suburbs

그 지역

geu ji yeok

Seoul districts

도시 기차 노선

doshi gicha nosen

City train networks




한강둑의 오른쪽

han gangduk eui oreunjjok

The right bank of the Han-river

한강둑의 왼쪽

han gangduk eui oenjjok

The left bank of the Han-river

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