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Staying at a hotel in Korea? Imagine you’ve been given your room key and the Korean receptionist is giving you instructions. How many Korean hotel phrases do you know? After this free audio lesson you'll be able to ask the hotel staff for what you need in Korean, and find your way around the hotel. You’ll learn the Korean words for “room service”, “laundry”, “breakfast” and other essentials.

Even if you find the perfect hotel, it will be useful to know a few Korean words and phrases so you can understand the staff assisting you. Need an extra pillow? Rocket Korean to the rescue...

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방 번호

Bang bunho

Room number

고객님 방은 이십구호실이에요.

Gogaeknim bang eun ee ship goo ho shil iyeyo.

You are in room number 29.

Key in Korean

Directions will be given with reference to floors...


Jiha cheung

Ground floor


Eel cheung

First floor


Ee cheung

Second floor


Sam cheung

Third floor


Sa cheung

Fourth floor

You may wish to know where some facilities are in the hotel.


Joocha jang

Parking lot

[...] 어디 있어요?

[...] eodi itsuyo?

Where is the […]?







Shik dang

Dining room


Sooyoung jang

Swimming pool

When you check in, you may also want to ask whether the hotel has room service, and how to get a wake-up call. You may want to request setak sobisu (laundry service) or use the hotel kumgaw (safe) to store your valuables. Ask your questions when you check in so that you can sleep peacefully!

The following phrases may come in handy:

이걸 금고에 넣어주세요.

Eegul geumgo e nuhuh jooseyo

Can I leave this in the safe?

몇시에 아침 주시나요?

Myut shi e achim jooshinayo?

What time is breakfast served?

룸 서비스 있어요?

Room subiseu itsuyo?

Is there room service?

세탁서비스 있어요?

Setak subiseu itsuyo?

Is there a laundry service?

[...] 시에 깨워주실래요?

[...] Shi e kgewuh jooshilaeyo?

Could you wake me at […]?

If your room isn’t equipped with all the necessary amenities, you’ll need to know how to ask for them. Here are some useful phrases…

[...] 하나 더 주실래요?

[...] Hana duh jooshilaeyo?

May I have an extra […] ?

목욕 수건

Mogyok soogun

Bath towel


Dam nyo



Ot guri








That’s all for this lesson! Now you’re very well equipped with all the language you need to negotiate your way through any situations that might arise during your stay.

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