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Do you wish you could pronounce Korean like a native speaker? Now you can! Rocket Languages has discovered a new way to make Korean pronunciation easy. Not only that, but you have a ton of free audio lessons here at your fingertips to start improving your Korean pronunciation right now. Want to start with some simple Korean words or Korean phrases? No problem. Ready to try some Korean travel phrases or learn more about Korean culture? Great! Before you start your Rocket Korean adventure, read on to find out how we’re going to help you master Korean pronunciation in no time…

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As hard as you try, without helpful feedback your Korean pronunciation is never going to be the same as a native speaker’s. If you've found it difficult to perfect the way you say Korean words and phrases, Rocket Languages voice comparison software will help you. Use the blue button to play the audio tracks associated with [[lesson_name]]. Then try recording yourself and compare your [[language]] pronunciation with that of the native [[language]] speaker. That’s right, with Rocket [[language]]'s voice recognition technology you can record your voice as many times as you need until your pronunciation matches the [[language]] speaker! Give it a try!


Anyoung haseyo!

Hello/Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening




만나서 반갑습니다

Mannasuh bangapseumnida

Happy to meet you

We explain everything you need to know about Korean pronunciation in the Rocket Korean Premium course. Let’s get you started with these free audio lessons…

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