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Sports in Korean

If you want to talk about sports in Korean, then this lesson is for you! Listen carefully to the pronunciation and practice saying the Korean words and phrases aloud.

Perhaps you want to play sport in Korea or join a conversation with Korean-speaking people. Either way, learning these sports words in Korean will get you started!

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Pronunciation of sports in Korean...

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To do a sport

자전거 타기

Jajeon-geo tagi

To cycle



To play volleyball

우리는 축구를 할거에요.

Uri-neun chukgu-reul halgeo-eyo.

We are going to play football (soccer).

자전거 타러 가자, 날씨가 좋아!

Jajeon-geo tareo gaja, nalssiga joha!

Let's go cycling, the weather is nice! (casual)

언제 수영하러 갈 거에요?

Eonje suyeonghareo gal geo-eyo?

When are you going swimming?

시합이 어디에요?

Shihab-i eodieyo?

Where is the game?

테니스 치세요?

Teniseu chiseyo?

Do you play tennis?



Pass the ball! (casual)

움직임이 안 좋아!

Umjigimi an joha!

Bad move! (casual)

네가 그것을 놓쳤다는 게 믿을 수 없어!

Nega geugeoseul noh-chyeottdaneun ge mideulsu eobseo!

Can't believe you missed that! (casual)

That's it for this lesson.

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