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Chinese Level 1

Instant lifetime access


Takes you from beginner to intermediate. You will reach a good conversational level.

  • 124 hours of lesson time
  • 1891 phrases with voice recognition
  • 33 Interactive Audio lessons
  • 29 Language & Culture lessons
  • 29 Writing Lessons
  • 1 BONUS Survival Kit worth $49.95

Chinese Levels 1 & 2

Instant lifetime access


Takes you from beginner to advanced. You will reach a very good conversational level.

  • 254 hours of lesson time
  • 3731 phrases with voice recognition
  • 66 Interactive Audio lessons
  • 61 Language & Culture lessons
  • 58 Writing Lessons
  • 2 BONUS Survival Kits worth $99.90

Chinese Levels 1, 2, & 3

Instant lifetime access


Takes you from beginner to advanced. You will reach an advanced conversational level.

  • 366 hours of lesson time
  • 6127 phrases with voice recognition
  • 94 Interactive Audio lessons
  • 89 Language & Culture lessons
  • 86 Writing Lessons
  • 3 BONUS Survival Kits worth $149.85

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