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Learn Chinese online with Rocket Chinese Platinum
(Level 3)!

Master conversational Chinese with Rocket Chinese Platinum, the most advanced level of Rocket Chinese!

Lin Ping

From: Lin Ping
Rocket Chinese Tutor

Dear Chinese learner,

Nǐ hǎo! Never has there been a better time to boost your Chinese!

Even as a beginner or intermediate Rocket Chinese learner, you can learn to speak Chinese at a more advanced level in situations that you encounter regularly, and about topics that interest you, and are important to your life and work.

How? It's simple. We've designed Rocket Chinese Platinum, Level 3 of the Rocket Express Learning System, so that you can focus on the topics that interest you most.

Because you have your own unique reasons for wanting to speak Chinese, we give you a choice; you can follow the recommended learning path through your course, or pick and choose the lessons from any level of Rocket Chinese, in the order that suits you.

This is where the final level of the Rocket Express Learning System comes in - Rocket Chinese Platinum (Level 3).

By extending your vocabulary, and strengthening your understanding of the language, these more advanced lessons will allow you to speak and understand Chinese in more complex situations, and express yourself with more flexibility.

Whether you're interested in traveling; living in a Chinese-speaking country; speaking with Chinese-speaking family, friends or colleagues; or mastering Chinese for any other reason, Rocket Chinese Platinum (Level 3) is packed with even more great conversations that you can take part in to give your Chinese speaking that extra boost

Platinum gives you seven additional topics to choose from, which cover traveling, getting settled in China, celebrations, relationships, business, current affairs, and more.

Rocket Chinese Host - Lin Ping

Lin Ping
Rocket Chinese

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“Rocket Languages is our Editors’ Choice for language-learning.”

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Do you want to become a more confident Chinese speaker?

The 28 Interactive Audio tracks in this third level of the Rocket Express Learning System average 25 minutes in length - that's 12 hours of audio lessons that you can listen to and practice speaking with as often as you need to feel confident.

Each conversation is broken down into easy to manage parts, and you get written transcripts of each conversation, so that you can keep up with the lesson and get comfortable with written Chinese.

Become the Chinese speaker you've always dreamed of with this super-effective and ever-popular conversational learning tool!

More About the Rocket Chinese Platinum (Level 3) Course...

  • Audio Track 17.1 Getting a Sim Card
    Daiwei has just arrived in China and needs a SIM card (of course!) so Mimi takes him for this task. You will learn about the “real-name policy”, how to discuss different aspects of a phone, and gain practical insight into China’s telecom scene.

  • Audio Track 17.2 Baidu Maps
    Daiwei asks Mimi to accompany him to the local fake goods market. Discover Baidu Maps, different means of transportation, and how to speak the high tech language!

  • Audio Track 17.3 Bargaining at the Markets
    When in the local markets, do as the locals do… bargain! In this lesson, you will learn how to characterize products, how to bargain, and the strategy behind it.

  • Audio Track 17.4 Online Shopping
    Say hello to the age of online-shopping! After this lesson, you will be able to teach someone how to use these popular apps with expert precision as well as the perks of getting it all done on the couch.

  • Audio Track 18.1 WeChat Introduction
    You can’t learn the language of China without learning about its mega instant messenger – WeChat. Embrace all its useful features, and see how Mimi and Daiwei incorporate those functions in their daily lives.

  • Audio Track 18.2 Topping up a Cell Phone
    Need to top up your phone? No problem! This time, you will not only learn how to do it via the apps but also how to verbalize those steps. Later on, catch a Chinese New Year special feature film with Mimi and Daiwei.

  • Audio Track 18.3 BBQ Dinner
    Have you ever experienced a funny stomach after having seafood? This lesson will show you how to express your discomfort; as well as how to comfort a friend. You will also learn how to secure a movie ticket via the ever-useful WeChat!

  • Audio Track 18.4 Out for Coffee
    Daiwei and Mimi discuss social media sensations. Learn how to outline context and hold opinionated conversations. Last but not least, one more WeChat function is revealed just when you think it already does everything!

  • Audio Track 19.1 Studying in China
    In this lesson, we look at all aspects of Chinese higher education – from academia to all the other fun parts of college life!

  • Audio Track 19.2 At the Veggie Market
    Our lessons have just gotten a lot tastier! Explore the local organic veggie market, spot some produce, and wait for those ingredients to transform into yummy goodness.

  • Audio Track 19.3 Exercising
    It’s time for a workout! Learn how gyms work in China; get to know the “square dance” culture; and more importantly, learn how to transition a sentence that hosts a turn of event.

  • Audio Track 19.4 Going for a Massage
    Treat yourself to an authentic Chinese massage in this lesson and learn phrases as well as concepts associated with this luxurious experience!

  • Audio Track 20.1 Organizing a Trip
    It’s time for an overnight trip. In this lesson, we learn how to organize a trip in Chinese, including train specification and how to secure a ticket. Also, see how Daiwei and Mimi reach a decision without too much compromising.

  • Audio Track 20.2 At the Train Station
    China’s train system is a big deal for any first-timer. As we walk you through it, don’t forget to pick up Mimi’s smooth and skillful explanation of protocols and what can be done in advance to avoid hassles at the train station. Bon voyage!

  • Audio Track 20.3 Exploring Qufu
    Welcome to Qufu, Confucius’ hometown! Get ready to be surprised by Daiwei’s tour guide potential as he shows you how to engage others in conversations about architecture, travel itinerary and more.

  • Audio Track 20.4 Climbing Taishan
    In this lesson, Daiwei has a hard time conquering Taishan. Pick up a few morale-boosting lines from Mimi as well as some trivia on the magnificent Taishan.

  • Audio Track 21.1 Business Dinner
    As part of Daiwei’s work exchange, he attends a business dinner, where certain behaviors and decorum are expected. Learn some formal know-hows and the reasons behind them so you are fully prepared.

  • Audio Track 21.2 Chinese Economy
    China’s fast-growing economy is the topic of today’s lesson. Learn about the “one belt, one road” policy as well as how to simplify and explain complex matters.

  • Audio Track 21.3 Chinese Companies
    In this lesson we learn about some of the mega companies that have revolutionized the way Chinese people live and do business. Also included are examples of adjective clauses for you to polish up your language skills!

  • Audio Track 21.4 The Environment
    In China, economic growth and air pollution are unfortunately inseparable. See how Mimi and Daiwei discuss problems, express concerns and critique issues that concern the environment.

  • Audio Track 22.1 Chinese Leaders
    Have you heard of Chairman Mao, Deng Xiaoping and Xi Jinping? If not, it’s time to learn a few things about these iconic figures who have helped shape modern China! You will also gain some knowledge about the Chinese political system.

  • Audio Track 22.2 Hong Kong
    Hong Kong has a fascinating history and its own special place in China. Discover this area and its relations with Mainland China. In doing so, you will find out how to compose objective narratives.

  • Audio Track 22.3 Tomb-sweeping Day
    It’s "Tomb-sweeping Day"! Get ready for some family time during this holiday where people pay respects to their ancestors. Don’t miss the intriguing details and pay attention to the smart ways to politely decline help.

  • Audio Track 22.4 Dragon Boat Festival
    Yet another Chinese holiday in the pocket! This time, we learn about and celebrate Qu Yuan’s legacy through Mimi’s compelling story-telling as well as Daiwei’s follow-up questions.

  • Audio Track 23.1 Registering at the Police Station
    Daiwei makes things official with a residence permit. Familiarize yourself with the terms around necessary documents and procedures, because you might need one soon too!

  • Audio Track 23.2 Hukou System
    Have you ever heard of a “household register”? It’s a unique Chinese macro-managerial method to stabilize and keep track of its citizens scattered across the nation. In this lesson, we learn some skills around analyzing and arguing as well.

  • Audio Track 23.3 Chinese Minorities
    Every nation is home to ethnic minorities, and China is no exception! Enjoy the diversity, and unique characteristics of these groups, all the while picking up ways to enumerate examples.

  • Audio Track 23.4 Religion
    In this lesson, you will be introduced to Chinese faiths – Buddhism & Daoism – what they advocate and the tolerance between the two religions.

Want to hear one of these lessons for yourself?

Listen to This Sample!

In Rocket Chinese Platinum (Level 3), you'll be joined by native Chinese speakers Dàiwéi and Mīmī, and your host Lin.

Rocket Chinese Platinum (Level 3) Lesson 21.1 Business Dinner

Business Dinner

Remember, every interactive audio lesson in Rocket Chinese Platinum (Level 3) comes with transcripts of the conversation in Chinese and English, so you can keep up with the lessons and get comfortable with written Chinese.

Chinese Pinyin

Dàiwéi: Wǒmen zuìzǎo dào ne! Shìfǒu yào zuòdào yuánzhuō lǐbiān kàoqiáng de dìfāng, děngxià Wáng lǎobǎn bǐjiào hǎo jìnlái?
Mīmī: Jíshǐ xiāndào, wǒmen yě bù yīnggāi wǎng lǐmiàn zuò, yīnwèi nàshì zhǔrén de zuòwèi.
Dàiwéi: Wǒ háishì bié duōguǎnxiánshì, wànyī yīnwèi bù liǎojiě yìngchóu wénhuà nàochū luànzi kě bùhǎo.
Mīmī: Wǒmen shì chéngbāoshāng, jiēle Wáng lǎobǎn de xiàngmù. Tā shì fù wǒmen xīnshuǐ de jīnzhǔ, suǒyǐ duì tā jìngjiǔ shí yídìng yào zhàn qǐlái, cáinéng zhǎnxiàn chéngyì.
Dàiwéi: Chúcǐ zhīwài háiyǒu shénme shāngwù wǎncān yào zhùyì de guīzé ma?
Mīmī: Yǒude. Lìrú jiézhàng shí jíshǐ zhīdào duìfāng yào qǐngkè, wǒmen háishì yào lǐmào xìng de qiǎngzhe qù mǎidān.

Chinese Hanzi

Dàiwéi: 我们最早到呢! 是否要坐到圆桌里边靠墙的地方, 等下王老板比较好进来?
Mīmī: 即使先到,我们也不应该往里面坐, 因为那是主人的座位。
Dàiwéi: 我还是别多管闲事, 万一因为不了解应酬文化闹出乱子可不好。
Mīmī: 我们是承包商,接了王老板的项目。 她是付我们薪水的金主, 所以对她敬酒时一定要站起来,才能展现诚意。
Dàiwéi: 除此之外还有什么商务晚餐要注意的规则吗?
Mīmī: 有的。例如结账时即使知道对方要请客, 我们还是要礼貌性地抢着去买单。

English Conversation

Dàiwéi: We are the first ones here! Should we take the seats on the inner side of the round table by the wall, that way it’s easier for boss Wang to come in?
Mīmī: Even though we are here first, we shouldn’t take up the inner seat, because that is for the host.
Dàiwéi: Maybe it's better I don't meddle, just in case I get us in trouble for lack of understanding of the Chinese dinner culture.
Mīmī: We are contractors who took on boss Wang’s project. She is the one writing our paychecks, so we should stand for her toast to show our sincerity.
Dàiwéi: Besides that, are there any other rules worth noting for business dinners?
Mīmī: Yes. For example, when it’s time to pay, even though we know it’s their treat, we should still pretend to go for the bill out of courtesy.

Do you want to speak Chinese naturally?

If you want to speak Chinese naturally, it helps to understand the culture and how the Chinese language works...

This is where your 28 Rocket Chinese Platinum (Level 3) Language & Culture Lessons come in!

Featuring Rocket Record voice comparison, Rocket Language Testing Tools, quizzes, and extra vocabulary, these lessons will help you to speak Chinese with more flexibility, and will also give you more confidence reading and writing in Chinese.

Learning about Chinese culture isn't just a great way to get inspired, it's also a good way to understand the Chinese language.

It's not just about what to say, it's about knowing when to say it. And just because a certain expression is polite in English, doesn't mean the Chinese translation will be appropriate – or even makes sense!

We've also broken Chinese grammar down into easy-to-manage parts, so you can practice each part individually and then put it all together.

...And it doesn't matter what level you are currently at, because it’s a part of the Rocket Express Learning System, which means the Rocket Chinese Platinum (Level 3) Language and Culture lessons are packed full of step-by-step explanations to rapidly advance your Chinese!

Your course also includes 28 Writing lessons based on 57 成语 (chéngyǔ), or idiomatic Chinese expressions.

Each writing lesson covers 2 chéngyǔ and will not only teach you how to write these chéngyǔ but also their historical background so that you can remember their meanings in context and use them in your daily life - just like a native!

Watch the video tutorials and listen to the audio examples to really strengthen your writing skills, then use the variety of Tests for extra practice.

Watch This Example!



to be too fond of something to let it go

Get Your Language Learning Anywhere, Anytime!

Now all Rocket Languages members can have their learning in their pocket wherever they go, with the Rocket Languages app for Android and iOS.

With virtually all the functionality of the full site, the Rocket Languages app will let you listen to the audio lessons, learn the vocab, take some tests, earn some points and badges, and really get your language learning going when you just have to be away from your computer.

And everything you do using the app is happening in your actual member’s area, it’s seamless.

Once you’re a member, just download the FREE app and keep on learning wherever you are.

Buy Now and get an exclusive Rocket Chinese Survival Kit, worth $49.95, FREE with your order!

And it gets better! Get your members' discount on Rocket Chinese Platinum (Level 3) today and you'll also get a Rocket Chinese Survival Kit worth $49.95, absolutely FREE with your order!

Increasing the number of Chinese words you know is always a fast way to boost your confidence. Even if you don't know a complete sentence in Chinese, knowing a few essential words will help to get your point across.

This tailor-made Survival Kit for Rocket Chinese members is specially designed to be fun, flexible and easy to use. No boring vocabulary lists or heavy phrasebooks for you!

Your Survival Kit is made up of 6 Rocket Chinese Vocab Sessions with interactive audio that focus on essential Chinese words and phrases and their pronunciation.

You can use them online, download them to your computer, or transfer them to your smartphone, so you can use them anywhere, anytime. All together you'll get over 1 extra hour of top-quality Rocket Chinese interactive audio FREE!

Want to know more about these 6 great ways to improve your Chinese for FREE?

  • Vocab Session 1: Catching a Cab

  • Vocab Session 2: Checking into a Hotel

  • Vocab Session 3: Dining Out at a Restaurant

  • Vocab Session 4: Going to the Theater

  • Vocab Session 5: Shopping in China

  • Vocab Session 6: The Weather

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Master Chinese with Rocket Chinese Platinum (Level 3)!

I am really looking forward to getting an email from you, telling me about how much you have learned using the Rocket Express Learning System, and how much you are enjoying speaking Chinese! I am always happy to get constructive feedback on Rocket Chinese Platinum (Level 3), so that we can make the learning experience even better for you!


Rocket Chinese Host - Lin Ping

Lin Ping
Rocket Chinese

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