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Emotions in Russian

After this online audio lesson you will be able talk about your feelings in Russian. Being able to talk about your emotions will help you get to know people better and take your new friendships to the next level.

How would you like to be able to say how you really feel in a Russian conversation? Let's get started...

Emotions in Russian - Pronunciation help

The following phrases will help you describe your emotions in Russian.

Я рад / Я рада

Ya rad / Ya rada

I'm happy (male speaking) / I'm happy (female speaking)

Я влюблëн / Я влюблена

Ya vliublyon / Ya vliublina

I'm in love (male speaking) / I'm in love (female speaking)

Мне скучно

Mne skoochna

I'm bored

Я устал / Я устала

Ya ustal / Ya ustala

I'm tired (male speaking) / I'm tired (female speaking)

Я волнуюсь

Ya valnoous’

I'm excited

Я боюсь

Ya bayoos’

I'm frightened

Я сердит / Я сердита

Ya sirdeet / Ya sirdeeta

I'm angry (male speaking) / I'm angry (female speaking)

Я полон жизни / Я полна жизни

Ya polan zhizni / Ya palnah zhizni

I feel alive (male speaking) / I feel alive (female speaking)

Я ревную

Ya rivnoou

I'm jealous

Я поражëн / Я поражена

Ya parazhon / Ya parazhina

I'm amazed (m) / I'm amazed (f)

Я доволен / Я довольна

Ya davolin / Ya dalol’na

I'm content (m) / I'm content (f)

Я нервничаю

Ya nervnichau

I'm nervous

Я занят / Я занята

Ya zahnit / Ya zanita

I'm busy (m) / I'm busy (f)

Я беспокоюсь

Ya bispakous’

I'm worried

Я в бешенстве

Ya v beshinstve

I'm furious

Я удивлëн / Я удивлена

Ya udivlyon / Ya udivlina

I'm surprised (m) / I'm surprised (f)

Я спокоен / Я спокойна

Ya spakoin / Ya spakoina

I'm calm (m) / I'm calm (f)

Мне грустно

Mne groosna

I'm sad

Мне стыдно

Mne stydna

I'm embarrassed

Я спешу

Ya spishoo

I'm in a hurry

Я уравновешен / Я уравновешена

Ya uravnaveshin / Ya uravnaveshina

I feel balanced (m) / I feel balanced (f)

That’s it for today’s lesson. I hope you enjoyed it.

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