Seasons in Russian

Do you know the Russian word for summer? How about the other seasons? Check out the fastest Rocket Russian lesson ever and you’ll have these mastered in minutes. Whether you’re making travel plans or chatting with Russian-speaking friends and family, the seasons in Russian are handy to know.

What’s a good time of year to visit? Is it nicer to travel in summer or winter? Let’s find out!

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Pronouncing the seasons in Russian

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Russia is a country with continental climate, which means that the climate is relatively constant for most of the country. Seasons are very distinct and temperatures do not drop dramatically overnight. You might be surprised to know that in Siberia summer can be very hot! With temperatures sometimes up to +30°C. The coldest part of Russia is its north-east, where temperatures in winter can drop to -46°C… It is definitely below minus degrees in winter in Russia, whichever place you go, so please dress warmly!

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