Going out in Arabic

In this lesson we'll introduce some kinds of popular entertainment for going out in Arabic.

When it comes to entertainment in Arabic, many Arabic words are the same or very similar to those in English. CD, DVD, iPod, film and Cinema, are just a few examples. However, if you’re planning to catch a Arabic film or a show, or a quiet night in with Arabic TV, knowing these common words and phrases will help you join in the conversation with your Arabic-speaking friends.

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Let's talk about going out in Arabic


El Television


عرض الفيلم

3ard El Film

Movie screening

الفيلم هيبتدي امتى؟

El Film Hayebtedi Imta?

At what time does the movie start?

في فيلم حلو على التليفريون بليل

Fi Film 7elw 3ala El Television Belil

There is a good movie on TV tonight

بكام التذكرة؟

Bikam El Tazkara?

How much is the ticket?

هنروح المطعم بكره

Hanro7 El Mat3am Bokra

We will go to the restaurant tomorrow

Here are some key words referring to everyday entertainment:


El Stereo


الملهى الليلي

El Malha El Laily



El A7’bar

The news


El Cafih



El Mat3am


Now you're ready to have some fun!

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!مع السلامة (Ma3a essalama!) Goodbye!

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