Weather in Arabic

How do you talk about the weather in Arabic? Maybe you’re experiencing sun, snow, or something in between - this free audio lesson will teach you tons of Arabic words you can use in conversation.

What’s the Arabic word for “rain”? How do explain that’s it really hot outside? Whether you’re traveling in an Arabic-speaking country or conversing with Arabic speakers closer to home, the Rocket Arabic team will teach you how to talk about the climate and the current weather conditions in Arabic.

We hope you don’t encounter any extreme weather, but to be on safe side we’ll teach you some words for that too. It’s good to be prepared and know what to expect, so let’s get started!

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الجو ايه النهاردة؟

El gaw a el naharda?

What's the weather forecast for today?

الجو ايه الاسبوع دة؟

El gaw a el esbou3 da?

What's the weather forecast for this week?

ايه اخبار الجو؟

A a7'bar el gaw?

How's the weather?

الجو عامل ايه؟

El gaw 3amel a?

What's the weather like?

الجو برة عامل ايه؟

El gaw bara 3amel a?

What's it like outside?

There are a lot of possible answers to that question. Here are the most common ones…

الجو دافي

El gaw dafy

It's warm

الجو بارد

El gaw bared

It's cold

الدنيا هواء

El denya hawa

It's windy

الدنيا عاصفة

El denya 3asefa

It's stormy

الجو سخن

El gaw so7'n

It's hot

الدنيا شمس

El denya shams

It's sunny

السماء صافية

El sama safya

It's clear

الدنيا مغيمة

El denya me3'ayema

It's cloudy

الجو جميل

El gaw gamil

It's nice

الدنيا متلجة

El denya metalega

It's icy

الجو رطوبة

El gaw retoba

It's humid

You can use the word “awy” (very) for all of the above phrases to emphasize that it’s not just cold or warm, but very cold or very warm. For example:

الدنيت برد

El denya bard awy

It's very cold

الجو دافي

El gaw dafy awy

It's very warm

الجو سخن اوي

El gaw so7'n awy

It's very hot

الدنيا متلجة اوي

El denya metalega awy

It's very icy

When talking about rain you can use the following expressions …

الدنيا بتشتي

El denya beteshty

It's raining

الدنيا شتاء

El denya sheta

It's rainy

For a farmer rain might be all he needs, whereas a cricket team might be hoping for a sunny day. Here are some more general answers.

الجو كئيب

El gaw ka2ib.

It's miserable weather.

الجو حلو

El gaw 7elw.

It's good weather.

الجو وحش

El gaw we7esh.

It's bad weather.

الجو جميل

El gaw gamil.

It's beautiful weather.

الجو بشع

El gaw bashe3.

It's terrible weather.

windmill in Arabic

If you are planning to travel to Germany, Switzerland or Austria during the winter time, you’ll definitely need to know the next two sentences. Let me assure you, there will be plenty of opportunities to use them.

بتشتي تلج

Beteshty talg

It's snowing

الدنيا ساقعة تلج

El denya sa23a talg

It's icy cold

Here are some more words that describe certain weather conditions…

قوس قزح


The rainbow



The hail


El sheta

The rain


El ra3d

The thunder

العاصفة الرعدية

El 3asefa el ra3deya

The thunderstorm


El bar2

The lightning


El zelzal

The earthquake


El 3asefa

The storm


El e3sar

The hurricane


El 7arara

The temperature


El dubab

The fog


El fyadan

The flood


El talg

The ice


El talg

The snow

حتت تلج

7etat talg

The snowflake


El se7ab

The cloud

That’s it for this lesson. I hope you enjoyed the lesson!

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!مع السلامة (Ma3a essalama!) Goodbye!

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