Arabic Phrases

It's easy to learn Arabic phrases with these free Arabic audio lessons. The Rocket Arabic team has created online lists of common Arabic phrases to help you survive in an Arabic-speaking environment.

We’ve included the English translation, audio for Arabic pronunciation, and helpful cultural tips along the way!

How to say I love you! in Arabic

Are you ready for the ultimate dating in Arabic lesson? Listen to the audio and learn how to pronounce ‘I love you’ in Arabic, along with other very important romantic Arabic phrases.

Arabic hotel phrases

You’re tired of traveling and need a place to sleep, but how do you ask for a hotel in Arabic? In this Arabic audio lesson you’ll learn how to find suitable accommodation in Arabic. You’ll learn how to ask for different types of Arabic hotels, or perhaps you’d prefer a hostel? Once you’ve got a recommendation for good accommodation in Egypt, you’ll also find out how to find transport to get there.

Sports talk in Arabic

There are an endless number of sports to talk about in Arabic, but in this lesson we’ll go over the most common ones. Check out these phrases on sports talk in Arabic.

!مع السلامة (Ma3a essalama!) Goodbye!

Amira Zaki: Rocket Arabic