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Hotel in Arabic

Need help booking a hotel in Arabic? You’re in the right place! This free audio lesson will show you how to make a hotel reservation over the phone or speak to an Arabic-speaking receptionist in person.

You’ll learn the Arabic words for “single,” “double,” and “per person.” You’ll feel more confident with questions in Arabic like “how much?” and “how many,” and the kind of basic Arabic conversation you need to understand.

Listen carefully to the Arabic pronunciation of the native speakers and then practice saying the Arabic words and phrases aloud. Don’t be shy!

Resources for further reading:

Pronunciation help for booking a hotel in Arabic

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اوتيل /الاوتيل

Otel / Elotel


عندكوا اوضة فاضية؟

3andoko oda fadya?

Do you have a room available?

Two useful words to know at this point are “oda - اوضة”, a room, and “fadya - فاضية,” available or literally empty!!! The receptionist may respond…

ايوة, لسة عندنا اوض فاضية.

Aywa, lesa 3andena owud fadya.

Yes, we still have rooms available.

لا, للاسف ماعندناش اوض فاضية.

La2, lel2asaf ma3andenash owud fadya.

No, unfortunately we have no rooms available.

لا احنا كامل العدد!

La2, e7na kamel el 3adad!

No, we are booked out.

"Is there a vacancy?" in Arabic

When asking for the price the receptionist at the hotel will need to know for how many people and for how many nights you want the room.

لكام شخص؟

Lekam sha7's?

For how many people?

كام ليلة؟

Kam lela?

For how many nights?

You might answer :



For two people

ليلة واحدة.

Leyla wa7da.

For one night.

The receptionist may also ask whether you want a single or a double room.

اوضة فردي

Oda fardy.

A single room

اوضة زوجي

Oda zawgy.

A double room

Your answer may look like this…

اوضة فردي ليلتين, لو سمحتي.

Oda fardy lelteyn, lao sama7ty.

A single room for two nights, please.

اوضة زوجي ليلة واحدة, لو سمحتي.

Oda zawgy lela wa7da, lao sama7ty.

A double room for one night, please.

A double bed in Arabic

When asking for the price simply say “bekam…” how much is it for…, and add the type of room and number of nights you want.

For example:

بكام الليلتين في اوضة فردي؟

Bekam el lelteyn fi oda fardy?

How much is it for a single room for two nights?

بكام الليلتين في اوضة زوجي؟

Bekam el lela fi oda zawgy?

How much is it for a double room for one night?

Some hotels charge per room, others per person. Here are some possible answers you might get to hear…

هاتتكلف 120 جنيه.

Hatetkalef 120 geneh fi el lela.

That costs 120 pounds per night.

الشخص ب80 جنيه.

El sha7's b 80 geneh.

That costs 80 pounds per person

الشخص في اوضة زوجي يكلف 55 جنيه.

El sha7's fi oda zawgy yekalef 55 geneh.

A double room costs 55 pounds per person.

الاوضة ب60 جنيه في الليلة.

El oda b 60 geneh fi el lela.

A single room costs 60 pounds per night

That’s it for this lesson. I hope you enjoyed it.

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!مع السلامة (Ma3a essalama!) Goodbye!

Amira Zaki: Rocket Arabic

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