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Arabic Hotel phrases

Before you travel to an Arabic-speaking country, check out this free audio lesson on Arabic hotel phrases. After this you'll be able to ask the hotel staff for what you need in Arabic, find your way around the hotel, and explain any concerns you might have.

You’ll learn the Arabic words for “room,” “air conditioning,” “check out,” and other essentials. Even if you’re lucky enough to find the perfect hotel, it will be useful to know a few Arabic words and phrases so you can understand the staff assisting you. Let's start with some basics...

Resources for further reading:

How to pronounce hotel phrases in Arabic

In this lesson all gender specific words are in the masculine form.

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El mofta7

The key

رقم المفتاح

Rakam el mofta7

The key number

29 انت في اوضة

Enta fi oda 29

You are in room number 29

Arabic word for key

Directions will be given with reference to floors...

الدور الارضي

El door el 2ardy

Ground floor

الدور الاول

El door el 2wal

First floor

الدور التاني

El door el tany

Second floor

الدور التالت

El door el talet

Third floor

الدور الرابع

El door el 7'ames

Fourth floor

You may wish to know where the following are…

فين الاصانصير؟

Feyn el asanseyr?

Where is the elevator?

فبن حمام السباحة؟

Feyn 7amam el seba7a?

Where is the swimming pool?

فين المطعم؟

Feyn el mut3um?

Where is the restaurant?

بتقدموا الفطار فين؟

Bet2ademo el fetar feyn?

Where do you serve breakfast?

You may also want to know:

اتشك اوت من الاوضة امتى؟

Atshek out men el oda emta?

At what time do I need to check out of the room?

ادفع دلوقتي ولا بعدين؟

Adfa3 delwa2ty walla ba3deyn?

Do I pay now or later?

بتقدموا الفطار امتى؟

Bet2ademo el fetar emta?

When do you serve breakfast?

If your room isn’t equipped with all the facilities you’d like, here are some useful phrases…

محتاج فوط زيادة.

Me7tag fowat zeyada.

I need more towels.

محتاج صابون زيادة.

Me7tag saboon zeyada.

I need more soap.

محتاج ورق تواليت زيادة.

Me7tag wara2 toalet zeyada.

I need more toilet paper.

محتاج بطانية كمان.

Me7tag buttaneya zeyada.

I need an extra blanket.

محتاج ملايات نظيفة.

Me7tag melayat nedifa.

I need clean sheets.

Here are some final words and phrases that might come in handy…

سرير زوجي

Serir zawgy

A double bed (for two people)


El takyeef

The air conditioning


El dafaya

The heater

الدفاية مكسورة.

El dafaya maksoura.

The heater is broken.

مش نظيف

Mesh nedif















El maya

The water


El noor

The light




مش مقبول

Mesh ma2bool


I hope you enjoyed this lesson.

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!مع السلامة (Ma3a essalama!) Goodbye!

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