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Sports Phrases in Arabic

If you want to talk about sports in Arabic, this free lesson is for you! Listen carefully to the pronunciation and practice saying the Arabic words and phrases aloud.

Perhaps you want to play sport in Egypt or join a conversation with Arabic-speaking people. Either way, learning these sports phrases in Arabic will get you started!

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Common Sports phrases in Arabic

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يلعب رياضة

Yel3ab Reyada

To do a sport

يلعب لعبة

Yel3ab Li3ba

To play something

يركب عجلة

Yerkab 3agala

To cycle

يلعب كرة طايرة

Yil3ab Kora Tayra

To play volleyball

احنا رايحين نلعب كورة

I7na Ray7in Nil3ab Kora

We are going to play football (soccer)

ما تروح تركب عجل ده يوم جميل

Ma Tiro7 Terkab 3agal Da Youm Gamil

Go do some cycling, it's a fine day!

انتا رايح تعوم امتى؟

Inta Rayi7 Te3oum Imta?

When are you going to swim?

فين اللعبة؟

Fin El Li3ba?

Where is the game?

بتلعب تنس؟

Bitl3ab Tenis?

Do you play tennis?

Imagine you are watching a game somewhere in Egypt. This is what you might hear people around you saying about a soccer match!

باصي الكورة!

Bassi El Kora!

Pass the ball!

لعبه وحشة!

Li3ba Wi7sha!

Bad move!



Hurry up! / Come on!

Now you're ready to watch a soccer game in Egypt with your pals. Have fun!

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!مع السلامة (Ma3a essalama!) Goodbye!

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