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Airport in Arabic

If you’re traveling by plane in an Arabic-speaking country, it helps to know what to say at the airport in Arabic. The Rocket Arabic team is here to help! After this free audio lesson you’ll know some useful Arabic words and phrases that will make your journey more enjoyable.

Do you need a visa? Would you prefer a window or aisle seat? Will you get a hot meal on the flight? What time you should be at the gate? Stick with Rocket Arabic - we’ve got it covered.

Plane landing at Egyptian airport

How to pronounce airport words in Arabic










صالة المغادرة

Salet el mo3'dra

Departure hall

صالة الوصول

Salet el wesool

Arrival hall


El gamarek





Now, here are the important questions that you will need when checking in at the counter. Listen to each word and its English translation and repeat the words aloud.

اكون امتى عند البوابة؟

Akon emta 3and el bawaba?

When do I have to be at the gate?

طول الرحلة اد ايه؟

Tool el re7la ad a?

How long is the flight?

الترانزيت اد ايه؟

El tranzeet ad a?

How long is the stop over?

هاتقدموا وجبة سخنة؟

Hat2ademo wagba so7'na?

Will you serve a hot meal?

الرحلة زحمة؟

El re7la za7ma?

Is the flight very busy?

هاحتاج فيزا؟

Ha7tag leviza?

Do I need a visa?

مدة صلاحية الفيزا اد ايه؟

Modet sala7eyet el viza ad a?

How long is the visa valid for?

اقدر اخد كام شنطة معايا؟

2a2dar a7'od kam shanta m3aya?

How many pieces of luggage can I take?

Some people prefer window seats, some want to sit close to the aisle. I always ask for a window seat, that way I can get a first impression of the city we are going to land in, from above. Whichever one you prefer, here are the Arabic words for it…

كرسي جنب الشباك

Korsy gand el shebak

Window seat

كرسي على الطرف

Korsy 3la el tarf

Aisle seat

انا عايزة كرسي جنب الشباك, لو سمحتي

Ana 3ayza korsy ganb el shebak, lao sama7ty.

I would like to have a window seat, please.

Luggage in Arabic

Here are some possible answers you might get…

لازم تكوني عند البوابة قبل المغادرة بربع ساعة

Lazem tekony 3and el bawaba 2abl el mo3'adra brob3 sa3a.

You have to be at the gate 15 minutes prior to departure.

للاسف ماعندناش كراسي جنب الشباك فاضلة

Lel2asaf ma3andenash krasy ganb el shebak fadla.

Unfortunately, we don't have any window seats left.

مش هاتحتاجي لفيزا

Mesh hate7tagy leviza.

You won't need a visa.

هانقدم وجبة خفيفة و عشاء

Han2adem wagba 7'afifa w 3asha.

We'll serve a cold snack and dinner.

تقدري تاخدي شنطة واحدة بس

Te2dary ta7'dy shanta wa7da.

You can only take one piece of hand luggage.

شنطك تقيلة اوي

Shonatek t2ila awy.

Your luggage is too heavy.

You have just finished this lesson. I hope you enjoyed it.

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​ !مع السلامة Ma3a essalama! Goodbye!

Amira Zaki Rocket Arabic