Holidays in Arabic

Ahlan! Welcome to the Rocket Arabic lesson on "Holidays". Today we’ll go over several holidays that you might find important as well as the people in Egypt.

After this lesson you'll be able to pronounce all the holidays in Arabic.

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Pronouncing the holidays in Arabic - El Agazat Bel 3arabi

The main religion practiced in Egypt is Islam so let's begin with some Islamic holidays:

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عيد الفطر

3id el-fitr

Eid al-Fitr (breaking of the fast of Ramadan)

عيد الاضحى

3id el adha

Eid al-Adha (end of the pilgrimage and commemoration of the Sacrifice of Abraham)

المولد النبوي

Mowled el nabawy

The birthday of the Prophet Muhammad

السنة الهجرية

El sana el higrya

Islamic New Year

Islamic holidays follow the lunar calendar so the dates of celebration will vary but here are some widely celebrated holidays that are fixed:


El krismas


عيد العمال

3id el 3omal

Labour Day

يوم راس السنة

Youm Ras el Sana

New Year's Day

عيد وفاء النيل

3id Wafaa el nil

Flooding of the Nile

عيد الام

3id el Om

Mother's Day

Finally, here are some other holidays you might find useful:

عيد ميلاد

3id Milad


يوم كدبة ابريل

Youm Kidbet Ibril

April Fool's Day

شم النسيم

Sham el Nessim


عيد الاب

3id el Ab

Father's Day


El halowin





عيد الشكر

3id el shokr


عيد الطفل

3id el tefl

Children's Day

عيد الحب

3id el 7ob

Valentine's Day

عيد الاستقلال

3id el istiklal

Independence Day

If you're visiting Egypt, make sure you know when these holidays are and how they will effect your trip. Happy holiday-ing!

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!مع السلامة (Ma3a essalama!) Goodbye!

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