Accommodation in Chinese

If you’re traveling in a Chinese-speaking country and you’ve just arrived in a new place, how do you ask the locals about finding accommodation in Chinese? How do you explain that you’re looking for a good hotel? Perhaps you’re traveling on a budget, in which case you might prefer a youth hostel. After this free audio lesson you’ll know how to ask for suitable accommodation in Mandarin Chinese.

Once you know your options you might need to ask some more questions like “where is?” or “how much?” in Chinese. Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. Stick with the Rocket Chinese team and you’ll have your bags unpacked and your feet up in no time!

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Pronouncing accommodation in Chinese

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Nǐ néng xiàngwǒ tuījiàn yìjiā hǎo de bīnguǎn ma?

Can you recommend a good hotel?


Nǐ néng xiàngwǒ tuījiàn yìjiā piányí de bīnguǎn ma?

Can you recommend an inexpensive hotel?

你能向我推荐一家适合与家人共住的宾馆吗 ?

Nǐ néng xiàngwǒ tuījiàn yìjiā shìhé yǔ jiārén gòngzhù de bīnguǎn ma?

Can you recommend a family-friendly hotel?


Nǐ néng xiàngwǒ tuījiàn yìjiā ānjìng de bīnguǎn ma?

Can you recommend a quiet hotel?


Nǐnéng xiàngwǒ tuījiàn yìjiā zài shìzhōngxīn de bīnguǎn ma?

Can you recommend a hotel in city center?

Imagine you have just arrived at the International Airport in Beijing. It’s a lovely warm summer evening, but you had a long flight and all you want is a bed to fall into. You follow the signs to "xíng lǐ tí qǔ (行李提取)", baggage claim, to pick up your luggage and stand in line at the "hǎi guān (海关)", customs. After passing through customs you follow the path marked "dǐ dá tīng (抵达厅)", arrival hall.

Now, you need to find a place to stay. Here are some questions you might want to ask at the help desk.

Hotel - Chinese translation

Can you recommend ...?

Perhaps you prefer other types of accommodation.

Is there…


Yǒu qīngnián lǚguǎn ma?

Is there a youth hostel?


Yǒu lùyíngdì ma?

Is there a camping ground?


Yǒu qìchē lǚguǎn ma?

Is there a motel?

Once you have decided where to stay you need to find out how to get there.


Qǐng gàosù wǒ qù……bīnguǎn zěnme zǒu。

Tell me how to get to the......hotel, please.


Qǐng gàosù wǒ chūzū qìchē zhàn zàinǎr。

Tell me where the taxi stand is, please.


Nǎlù chē qù……bīn guǎn?

Which bus goes to the......hotel?


Nǎlù diànchē qù……bīnguǎn?

Which tram goes to the......hotel?

Chinese taxi

Although taxi rides are relatively cheap in China, you might still want to get an idea of how much you will be billed before hopping in. On the other hand, public transport is quite convenient in big cities and reasonably fast, so it's a good idea to try them out as well. Here are some important words and phrases for you to remember.


Qǐng dàiwǒ qù……bīnguǎn。

I would like to go to the......hotel, please.


Qù……bīnguǎn duōshǎoqián?

How much does it cost to the......hotel?


Yuǎn ma?

Is it far?


Duō háishì shǎo?

More, or less?


Bīnguǎn fùjìn yǒu gōnggòng qìchē zhàn ma?

Is there a bus stop close to the hotel?


chūzū qìchē zhàn

The taxi stand


gōnggòng qìchē zhàn

The bus stop


diànchē zhàn

The tram stop


chūzū qìchē

The taxi


Nǐ qù……bīnguǎn ma?

Does this car go to......hotel?

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