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Traveling to a Chinese-speaking country? Need help booking a hotel in Chinese? You’re in the right place! This free audio lesson will show you how to make a hotel reservation over the phone or speak to a Chinese receptionist in person.

After this lesson you’ll feel more confident with questions in Chinese like “how much?” and “how many?”, and the kind of basic Mandarin Chinese conversation you need to understand. Listen carefully to the Chinese pronunciation of the native speakers and then practice saying the Chinese words and phrases aloud. Don’t be shy!

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Pronunciation help for booking a hotel in Chinese

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Nǐmen yǒu kòng (kōng) fángjiān ma?

Do you have a room available?

Vacancy - Chinese translation

Two useful words to know at this point are “fáng jiān (房间),” a room, and “kōng (空),” available or literally free. The receptionist may respond…


Yǒu,wǒmen háiyǒu kòng (kōng) fángjiān。

Yes, we still have rooms available.


Hěn bàoqiàn,wǒmen méyǒu kòng (kōng) fángjiān le。

No, unfortunately we have no rooms available.


Méiyǒu,fángjiān dōu dìngmǎn le。

No, the rooms are all booked.

When asking for the price the receptionist at the hotel will need to know for how many people and for how many nights you want the room.


Jǐgè rén zhù?

For how many people?


Zhù jǐgè wǎnshàng?

For how many nights? (Stay for how many nights?)

You might answer:

两个人住 。

Liǎng'gè rén zhù。

For two people.


Zhù yígè wǎnshàng。

For one night.

The receptionist may also ask whether you want a single or a double room.


dānrén jiān

Single room


shuāngrén jiān

Double room

Your answer may look like this…


Dānrén jiān,zhù liǎnggè wǎnshàng。

A single room for two nights, please.


Shuāngrén jiān,zhù yígè wǎnshàng。

A double room for one night, please.

Double bed - Chinese translation

When asking for the price, you can simply say “…duō shǎo qián (多少钱?)” how much [is it for…], and add the type of room and number of nights you want. For example:


Dānrén jiān,zhù liǎnggè wǎnshàng duōshǎo qián?

How much is it for a single room for two nights?


shuāng rén jiān zhù yí gè wǎn shang duō shǎo qián

How much is it for a double room for one night?

Some hotels charge per room, others per person (¥ is the sign for RMB just as $ is for USD). Here are some possible answers you might get to hear…


Měigè wǎnshàng ǔbǎi Yuán。

That costs ¥500 per night.


Měigèrén rbǎi wǔshí Yuán。

That costs ¥250 per person.


Shuāngrén jiān měigèrén sānbǎi Yuán。

A double room costs ¥300 per person.


Dānrénjiān měigè wǎnshàng sānbǎi wǔshí Yuán。

A single room costs ¥350 per night

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