Educational and Non-Profit Licences

Accelerate your students’ learning with Rocket Languages’ award-winning online language courses

Rocket Languages’ goal is to help create a more understanding and connected world. Our award-winning language courses increase your students’ ability to communicate with others, building a more connected world for the future.

Our Courses are Right for your Students

Rocket Languages courses give your students a detailed understanding of their new language

Rocket Languages courses are the most comprehensive in the market. They give students an in-depth understanding of their new language, so they use it confidently and correctly. To do this, our courses utilize several lesson formats.

  • Our Interactive Audio lessons are 30-minute podcast-style audio lessons. Students can listen to them online or download them for offline learning. They familiarize students with listening and comprehension of the language, and prompt them to speak out loud straight away. This gives them the confidence to use their new language immediately.
  • Our Language & Culture lessons explain the grammar rules of the language. This gives students the technical knowledge needed to use their new language correctly. These lessons also teach students about the culture, giving them context and insight into a native speaker’s lifestyle.
  • Our Writing lessons are interactive written lessons for languages with a non-Roman writing system. These lessons teach students how to read and write in the language’s native script.

Rocket Languages courses use science and technology to assist with learning and retention

Our courses combine industry-leading technology with scientifically proven learning and reinforcement techniques to help students’ learning. We combine voice recognition technology with learning reinforcement activities, including:

  • listening comprehension,
  • writing practice, and
  • vocabulary testing.

This boosts language retention, helping your students understand and communicate in their new language more quickly.

Rocket Languages courses are always accessible for learning flexibility

Rocket Languages courses are always accessible so your students can learn anywhere and anytime. Courses are accessible on:

  • all desktop and mobile browsers, including Chrome and Safari,
  • all Android and iOS devices.

We synchronize each student’s progress across all of their devices, and they can access our courses 24/7. This means they can pick up where they left off anywhere they go, on any device that suits them.

Rocket Languages courses fit with your teaching methods

We designed our courses for independent learning. This means your students can work their way through the lessons with little to no guidance. Lessons break down their learning into manageable chunks, with our native hosts guiding students through new vocabulary and language concepts in a simple, relatable way.

Our courses are a great supplemental learning tool if you already have a set curriculum. Students can choose between different types of lessons and topics to reinforce or complement what they have already learned. This allows each student to create their own learning path to achieve their learning goals.

Our Licensing Platform and Education Licenses are Right for You

Our Education Licenses are the best solution to complement your teaching. They are flexible to accommodate your needs and give you management tools for tracking and reporting on your students’ progress.

Rocket Languages’ discounted Education Licenses are fully inclusive and transferrable

  • Our Education Licenses give your students full access to one Rocket Languages course in any of the 13 languages we offer. This allows each student to choose the language they are most interested in learning, increasing their motivation and engagement.
  • Licenses are valid for 12 months and are transferable. This allows you to reset and reassign licenses to a different student or a different course at any time, depending on your teaching needs.

Rocket Languages’ Education Licenses give you access to a centralized Education administration area to track your students’ progress

  • The administration area shows you a real-time report of all your students’ usage at a glance from the dashboard. This lets you keep track of how your students are progressing to make sure they’re getting the most out of their language learning.
  • It also allows you to access individual accounts, to view each student’s progress. User accounts show you how long the student has spent learning, which lessons they have completed, and give a grade for each completed lesson.

Rocket Languages provide the most comprehensive language courses there are. Our licensing platform and discounted Education Licenses are the answer for you and your students. Contact us using the form above for a full demonstration and pricing.