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Body Parts in French

The word for the body in French is le corps, but why stop there? Find out how to pronounce common body parts in French with this free lesson! Listen to the audio on body parts in French and practice your pronunciation with our voice recognition tool.

I hope you don’t need to use it, but you’ll also learn how to say I’m sick in French – just in case! Just as everything else in French, body parts are either feminine or masculine, which affects how you would describe them! Look at the following gender clues in both singular and plural forms:

Talking about body parts in French

Le corps

The body

La jambe

The leg

Les jambes

The legs

La main

The hand

Les mains

The hands

Le pied

The foot

Les pieds

The feet

La tête

The head

Le ventre

The stomach

Le dos

The back

When a word begins with “Le”, it means it falls into the masculine group of words, and when it begins with “La”, it’s feminine. Also, if the word is a plural then it begins with "Les", no matter whether it is referring to a male or female gender word.

When describing physical pain, its useful to know a few expressions that might get you some help when you need it!


Pain or Ache

J'ai mal à la tête

I have a headache

J'ai mal au dos

I have backache

J'ai mal au ventre

I have a stomach ache

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