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Health in French

You never know when you’ll need to talk about your health in French, so it’s best to be prepared. After today’s French language lesson with audio you’ll be able to say if you’re not feeling well, and recognize the French words for a health shop, natural medicine and more. But it’s not always about medical French… Ever heard French people saying santé when they raise their glasses for a toast and wondered what it meant? It’s the expression for cheers in French!

Talking about Health in French

En bonne santé

In good health

En mauvaise santé

In poor health

Je me sens bien aujourd'hui !

I feel good today!

Je me sens mal !

I am not feeling well!

La médecine naturelle

Natural medicine

Les aliments naturels

Health foods

Le centre diététique

Health food shop

Le centre médical

Health center

And the word for health in the following well-known phrase is translated as “le meilleur” which means literally “the best”!

And I have added in a few more general French terms to do with health in to increase your vocab!

Pour le meilleur et pour le pire !

In sickness and in health!

La pharmacie

The pharmacy

Un médicament

A medicine

Le docteur or le médecin

The doctor

Une ambulance

An ambulance

Appelez une ambulance !

Call an ambulance!


The hospital

I hope you are enjoying these French lessons!

À bientôt! Marie-Claire Rivière and the Rocket French Team