Questions in French

Want to learn how to ask questions in French? This free French lesson with audio will get you started. Listen to the native French pronunciation and practice saying some common French questions.

Of course, asking questions in French is only half the challenge! I’ll also teach you some common French words and phrases that you might use to reply. And at the bottom of the page there are links to more on French questions!

All about Questions in French

There are 4 ways to ask questions in French- Using interrogative words, such as where? and when? and use them in the context of a question with verbs, pronouns and description.

  • Using intonation to change a statement into a question.
  • Inverting the order of pronouns and verb to indicate a question.
  • Adding isn't it? at the end of the sentence.

Examples of interrogative French question words

The good news is, sometimes one word is all you need to get your point across! This applies to questions as well.

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Combien ?

How much?, or How many?

Quand ?


Pourquoi ?


Using word order, intonation and n'est-ce pas ? (isn't it?)

Il fait froid, n'est-ce pas ?

It's cold, isn't it?

Fait-il froid ?

Is it cold?

This formula works with any question. Look at the examples below, starting with a statement and then two types of questions (the first question is a word order change, the second uses n'est-ce pas ?):

J'ai faim !

I am hungry!

As-tu faim ?

Are you hungry?

Il a faim, n'est-ce pas ?

He is hungry, isn't he?

Answering questions in French

Let’s look at examples of answers you might get when you ask the question!

Comment allez-vous aujourd'hui ?

How are you today? (formal or plural)

Pas trop mal, merci !

Not too bad, thanks!

C'est où ?

Where is it?

C'est par là !

It's that way!

C'est pour quand ?

When will it be?

Maintenant !


I hope you find these free French language lessons helpful.

Happy learning! If you want more on French questions then check these out: - Saying "How are you?" in French

À bientôt!

Marie-Claire Rivière and the Rocket French Team

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