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Imagine you’re traveling in Paris and you need to ask for directions in French… what’s the word for where in French? And how do you get there? This free online lesson will teach you some essential travel French so you can catch a train, find your hotel and navigate your way around the city.

Where is the Metro?

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How to pronounce where in French

Here are some basic French phrases to get you started, including Where is...? :

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Pour aller à….

How do I get to….

Pour aller à la cathédrale s'il vous plaît ?

How do I get to the cathedral please?

Pour aller à l'hôtel s'il vous plaît ?

How do I get to the hotel please?

Où est... ?

Where is…?

Où est le bureau de change ?

Where is the currency exchange?

Où est la gare ?

Where is the train station?

C'est combien ?

How much?

C'est combien le billet ?

How much is the fare?

C'est combien pour aller là ?

How much is it to get there?

Bon voyage à tous !

Have a happy trip everyone!

Where is the Hotel?

Paris is the city of romance par excellence! Many such expressions made their way into accepted English conversation with the influence of artists and musicians, such as Cole Porter in the early 1900’s. Cole Porter’s love of Paris inspired many great songs, falling under the spell of the River Seine, of the “Boulevards”, the avenues, and enchanted by Paris’s Latin Quarter.

Here are some key words to help you find your way around in Paris.

Le métro

The subway network

Le centre ville

The city centre or CBD

La banlieue Parisienne

Greater Paris suburbs

Les arrondissements

The districts (in Paris only)


City train networks

Le tarif

The fare

La rive droite

The right bank of the Seine

La rive gauche

The left bank of the Seine

Imagine wandering through one of Paris’ bustling “marchés aux puces”, street markets and finding originals of that bygone era! The most famous street markets are north of the city center, beyond Montmartre where many 19th and 20th century artists settled and where some are even buried.

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À bientôt!

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