Time in French

Want to tell the time in French? After this free French audio lesson you'll know how to talk about different times of day in French and you'll get some French pronunciation practice as well.

Knowing these how to tell the time in French will ensure you never miss an important meeting or social event!

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Telling the Time in French

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Quand est-ce l'on se voit ?

When shall we meet?

Quand est-ce que l'on peut se voir ?

When shall we meet?

Quel est le meilleur moment pour toi ?

When is best for you?

Quel est le meilleur moment pour vous ?

When is best for you? (formal)

Quel jour ?

On which day?

Cette semaine ?

This week?

La semaine prochaine ?

Next week?

Pendant le week-end ?

On the weekend?

Pendant la semaine ?

During the week?

Au début de la semaine ?

At the start of the week?

A la fin de la semaine ?

At the end of the week?

Once you’ve agreed on a day you need to agree on a time…

Le matin or En matinée

In the morning

Avant le repas de midi or Avant midi

Before lunch

Pendant le repas de midi or A midi

At lunchtime

Dans l'après-midi

In the afternoon

En Soirée or Pendant la soirée

In the evening

La nuit or Pendant la nuit

At night

Here are some more words and phrases about the time in French for you…



Plus tôt




Plus tard

Later or later on





Tout de suite

Straight away







Après demain

The day after tomorrow

Un de ces jours


A dix heures

At ten o'clock

Dans trois jours

In three days

If you want more on French time then check out these lessons. It's worth having a look at how to pronounce the days in French, and perhaps the months in French.

À bientôt!

Marie-Claire Rivière and the Rocket French Team

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