Famous French food

Want the lowdown on some famous French food? Today’s free French lesson with audio will have you pronouncing bouillabaisse and foie gras like a pro!

You’ll also learn what to look out for when you’re traveling around the French countryside. Remember, a life lived in fear is a life half-lived, so don’t be afraid to try new things!

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Famous French Food

La campagne

The countryside

La bouillabaisse

A rich fish soup from Marseilles

Le foie gras du Quercy

Goose liver pate from the Dordogne

Le cassoulet Toulousain

White beans and spicy meats from Toulouse

Le Pineau des Charentes

A light cooked wine from South West France

Les truffes

A type of fungus delicacy found underground (truffles)

Les cèpes du Lot

Deliciously tasty mushrooms

Le jambon de Paris

A light pink cooked ham

Even more famous French foods!

La crème de champignons

Cream of mushrooms

Le feuilleté

Savory pastry

Les moules marinières

Mussels in white wine

Les cuisses de grenouilles

Frogs legs

Le pâté de campagne

Country terrine / Fresh pate

L'entrecôte Bercy

Rib steak in white wine

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La campagne” is where you would head to if you wanted to spend time in the countryside, and France has rich and diverse landscapes from the flat north, to the Massif Central, The Jura, the Alps to the rocks and caves of the south.

Each province or “départment” has its own identity and its specialist local produce.

It’s amazing to taste the recipes, flavors and aromas which vary so much from north to south. While Provence, in the south, leads the field in lavender and orange blossom production used in perfumes, the eastern coast has more cooked wine and brandy producers than anywhere else in France!

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