Good Morning in Italian

The common word for the Good Morning in Italian is Buongiorno. In this audio lesson you will find out how to pronounce this and related words/phrases for Good Morning in Italian. Saying Good morning - *Buongiorno * to Italian people (particularly when entering shops) can make a huge difference to how you are perceived. Italian people love it when you speak Italian and are polite as well! You can test your pronunciation with our free voice recognition software! Just listen to the audio and follow the pronunciation of the good morning expressions in Italian.

How to say Good morning in Italian

The Italian word that is used to say Good morning, Buongiorno, is also used to say Good afternoon, because Giorno translates to Day. The word-for-word translation for Good morning, Buon mattino, is never used to greet people. Good afternoon can also be translated as Buon pomeriggio. The difference with Buongiorno is that Buon pomeriggio is only used… in the afternoon! Friends use Ciao a lot, the equivalent of Hi. This greeting has no hourly limit.


Good morning / Good afternoon

Buon pomeriggio

Good afternoon

Il mattino

The morning

Il pomeriggio

The afternoon


Hi / Hello

Even though Buongiorno is common between strangers or in formal situations, it is also used by family members as a greeting upon waking up. That’s it for today’s lesson. I hope you enjoyed it, that you learned new expressions, bettered your pronunciation, and that you're now ready to greet Italian speakers in the morning!

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