Shopping in Italian

Shopping in Italy? Don’t miss this free shopping in Italian lesson! You’ll learn how to find your way around a shopping centre, ask for what you want, and how to pay in Italian. Need a smaller size? Looking for an ATM? No problem.

Master this essential travel Italian by listening to the pronunciation on the audio and practicing the Italian words and phrases aloud. And don’t be shy - shopping in Italy will be a lot more fun after this Rocket Italian lesson!

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Shopping in Italian - Words and Phrases

Here are some types of shops that you might need to find.

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La posta

The post office

Il centro commerciale

The shopping center

Il mercato

The market

Il supermercato

The supermarket

La farmacia

The pharmacy

La libreria

The bookstore

Il negozio

The store

Il panificio

The bakery

La pasticceria

The pastry shop

Il negozio di musica

The music store

Il negozio d'abbigliamento

The clothing store

Il negozio di informatica

The computer store

Il macellaio

The butcher


The optician

Italian bread

Once you've found the right shop, you need to find what you're looking for. Use the following words and phrases to find what you need, figure out how much it costs and tell the sales assistant how many you want…

Sto cercando….

I'm looking for...


Do you have...?

Quanto costa?

How much does it cost?

Ne ha di più?

Do you have more?

Che taglia è?

What size is it?

Vorrei provarlo.

I'd like to try it on.

Dove sono i camerini?

Where are the changing rooms?

Lo prendo / lo compro.

I'll take it.

Talking about shopping in Italian

Here are some more useful questions and answers…

Che taglia porta (Lei)?

What size do you wear?

La taglia / la misura

The size

La taglia piccola / la taglia small

The small size

La taglia media / la taglia medium

The medium size

La taglia grande / la taglia large

The large size

La taglia extra grande / la taglia xl (icselle)

The extra-large size

Mi piace.

I like it.

Sta bene.

It looks good.

Ti dona.

It suits you.

Non ti dona.

It doesn't suit you.

Shopping items in Italian

Here are the words for some items you might be looking for…

Il maglione / il pullover

The sweater

Il vestito

The dress

La maglietta a maniche corte

The t-shirt

La gonna

The skirt

La borsa

The handbag

I pantaloni

The trousers

Le mutande

The underwear

Il reggiseno

The bra

I pantaloncini

The shorts

La giacca

The jacket

Le scarpe

The shoes

Il cappotto

The coat

La camicia

The shirt

La cravatta

The tie

La camicetta

The blouse

Le calze

The tights

I calzini

The socks

Italian jeans

How to pay in Italian

Once you found what you were looking for, you'll need to pay.

Paghi alla cassa, per favore.

Please pay at the check out.

Vorrei pagare con la carta di credito, per favore.

I'd like to pay by credit card, please.

Vorrei pagare in contanti, per favore.

I'd like to pay with cash, please.

Vorrei pagare con la carta Pagobancomat, per favore.

I'd like to pay with my debit card, please.

Posso pagare con i miei travel check?

Can I pay with travelers checks?

Qual è il Suo numero di carta di credito?

What is your credit card number?

Non accettiamo carte di credito.

We don't accept credit cards.

Qual è il più vicino bancomat?

Where is the closest ATM?

Digiti il suo codice segreto, per favore.

Please type in your PIN.

Firmi qui, per favore.

Please sign here.

Ecco il Suo scontrino.

Here is your receipt.

Now, you are well prepared for your next Italian shopping experience.

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A presto!

Maria DiLorenzi and the Rocket Italian Team

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