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Sports in Italian

Let’s get warmed up and ready to talk about sports in Italian!

Everyone has their favorite sport and most countries tend to have favorite national sports. America is the home of baseball for example. And, like most of the world, Italians are particularly fond of soccer, or calcio. You’ll find kids in the street playing calcio as well as lots of organized teams. There are an endless number of sports to talk about but in this lesson, we’ll go over the most common ones.

On your mark, get set, go!

All about sports in Italian

Il calcio


Il cricket


L'hockey su prato

Field Hockey

Il tennis


La pallavolo

Volley Ball

Il ping pong

Table Tennis

Il baseball


Il golf


La pallacanestro


Il football americano

American Football

Il rugby

Rugby Union

Il nuoto


Il jogging


L'hockey su ghiaccio

Ice Hockey

Il badminton


Lo sci


Il ciclismo


Il canottaggio


Il kayak


Having a conversation about sports in Italian

When making conversation with a new Italian speaking friend, you may want to ask the following questions...

Ti piace lo sport?

Do you like sports?

Quale sport ti piace?

Which sport do you like?

Pratichi qualche sport?

Do you play any sports?

Quali squadre tifi?

Which teams do you support?

Volete giocare a tennis?

Would you like a game of tennis?

Right, I’m getting worn out from all this talk about sports. Time for a water break.

I hope we’ve covered your favorite sport. Next time you are watching or playing your favorite sport, think about it in Italian. And when you meet an Italian speaker, strike up a conversation about sports to put your practice to good use!

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A presto!


Maria DiLorenzi and the Rocket Italian Team