Airplane in Japanese

Traveling around Japan on vacation or business? Need to know what to say on the airplane in Japanese? You can make sure your journey goes smoothly by learning a few useful Japanese words and phrases before you depart in this free Rocket Japanese lesson.

How do you say ticket and passport in Japanese? What’s the Japanese word for luggage? You’ll learn these important words and more. We’ll also show you how to ask the flight attendants for what you need in Japanese. We hope you won’t need to explain that something has gone wrong with your travel plans, but just in case, we’ll teach you how to do that too.

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Pronouncing airplane in Japanese

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How to pronounce Japanese airplane words

座席ベルト / シートベルト

ざせき ベルト / シート ベルト

Zaseki beruto /Shīto beruto



ひじょう ぐち

hijyō guchi

Emergency Exit


きゅう めい どう い

kyū mei dō i

Life Vest


キャビン / きゃくしつ

kyabin / kyakushitsu



きゃくしつ じょうむ いん / スチュワーデス

kyakushitsu jyōmu in / suchuwādesu

Flight Attendant


こう くう けん

kō kū ken

Airplane ticket

Useful Japanese airplane phrases

Imagine you are on a flight from America to Japan. It’s a long way, so make sure you know how to ask for a drink or an extra blanket in case you are cold. It’s also important to know what “Shīto beruto wo shikkari oshime kudasai” means. Repeat the new words aloud to practice your pronunciation.


すみません、 おみず を おねがい します

Sumimasen, omizu o onegai shimasu.

I would like to have a glass of water.


ひこうき きょうふしょう です

Hikōki kyōfushō desu.

I'm scared of flying.


おなか が すいて います

Onaka ga suite imasu.

I'm hungry.


すみません、 ちょっと さむい です。 もうふ は ありますか

Sumimasen, chotto samui desu. Mōfu wa arimasuka?

I'm cold, do you have a blanket?


ちゃくりく は いつ ですか

Chakuriku wa itsu desuka?

When are we going to land?


シート ベルト を しっかり おしめ ください

Shīto beruto o shikkari oshime kudasai.

Please fasten your seatbelt.

ヘッドセット/ヘッドホンが壊れて います

ヘッド セット/ヘッド ホン が こわれて います

Heddo setto/heddo hon ga kowarete imasu.

My headset doesn't work


この さき、 たしょう ゆれる こと が よそう されます

Kono saki, tashō yureru koto ga yosō saremasu.

We are expecting turbulence.

Once you arrive at the airport you will have to collect your luggage. Simply follow the signs to the “Te nimotsu uketori ba/jyo” and make your way to the “Nyūkoku shinsa”. Listen to the Audio link below to hear the pronunciation…

手荷物受け取り場 / 手荷物受け取り所

てにもつ うけとり ば / てにもつ うけとり じょ

Tenimotsu uketori ba/Tenimotsu uketori jo

Baggage claim


にゅうこく しんさ

Nyūkoku shinsa


Hopefully you won’t need to use the following phrases, but it’s still handy to know them.


わたし の にもつ が はそん して います

Watashi no nimotsu ga hason shite imasu.

My luggage got damaged.


わたし の にもつ が ふんしつ しました

Watashi no nimotsu ga funshitsu shimashita.

My luggage got lost.


のりつぎ びん に のりおくれ ました

Noritsugi bin ni noriokure mashita.

I've missed my connecting flight.


りょけん を なくし ました

Ryoken o nakushi mashita.

I've lost my passport.


こうくうけん を なくし ました

Kōkūken o nakushi mashita.

I've lost my airplane ticket.


みち に まよって います

Michi ni mayotte imasu.

I'm lost.

Knowing how to use these essential Japanese travel phrases will give you more confidence next time you’re traveling by plane in Japan. I hope you enjoyed the lesson!

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