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Rocket Japanese Level 3: Your advanced Japanese course

We love Japanese people and Japanese culture - from riveting anime and comforting ramen to the majestic Mt. Fuji and the breathtaking sights of Kyōto! And there's no better way to connect with them than by learning 日本語 (Japanese).

Take your Japanese to the next level.

Rocket Japanese Level 3 is for you if:

  • you have finished Rocket Japanese Level 2;
  • you learned Japanese years ago and would like a refresher; or
  • you'd like to complete JLPT level N4; or
  • you feel like you're at an intermediate level with Japanese and you want to become advanced.

With Rocket Japanese Level 3, you'll...

  • Refresh and improve your Japanese.

    Level 3 refreshes the intermediate Japanese knowledge that you already have while at the same time taking your skills up a notch to complete JLPT level N4. You'll improve in every aspect - reading, writing, speaking and listening - so that you can better handle any situation.

  • Fine-tune your listening ability.

    Native Japanese speakers can sometimes speak very quickly, which means that you may still have trouble understanding what they're saying at times. Our downloadable Level 3 audio tracks provide you with more advanced conversations spoken at a faster speed than in Level 2, so you can really fine-tune your ear to the language.

  • Take your grammar skills to the next level.

    At this stage in your learning, you're able to get by in everyday situations and discussions, but more complicated conversations can be a bit of a challenge! Level 3 of Rocket Japanese features more advanced grammar lessons that give you the tools you need to express more complex ideas and really improve your conversational abilities.

Lesson List
  • Polish your pronunciation.

    If you perfect your pronunciation, you can really blend in among native speakers. That's why Level 3 contains thousands of new phrases equipped with our state-of-the-art voice recognition tool, training you to speak just like the locals do!

  • Learn even more about the culture.

    Understanding Japanese culture is a big part of speaking Japanese and getting around in Japan. We add to what you already know with lessons devoted to local celebrations, art and much more.

  • Stay on track and stay inspired.

    Motivation is key to stepping up your Japanese, so we make sure to provide you with a wide array of motivational tools and techniques. They'll keep your interest up and your focus sharp so you can meet your goals and make better progress.

Audio Player
    • Remember what you cover.

      You'll put a lot of time into furthering your Japanese, so we make sure you can remember it all by including fun and engaging activities in every lesson. These activities use algorithms to identify where you're having trouble and help you practice problematic words and phrases until they stick.

    • Practice on-the-spot speaking.

      Even as an intermediate Japanese learner, you may still get nervous when it comes time to talk to a native speaker - especially if it's been a while since you last had the chance! We've got the perfect activity to help with this. It lets you practice both sides of advanced conversations in a comfortable, stress-free environment, so that you're ready to respond when you're out in the real world.

    • Have lifetime access to your course.

      The Japanese language can be yours for life, and we believe your Japanese course should be too. With Rocket Japanese, you can come back in a month, a year or even a decade and still have full access to your courses. You'll also get all of the updates and improvements that we make for free!

    • Learn how to read and write even more characters in Japanese.

      Reading and writing in Japanese can be difficult to master! That's why we include a series of lessons specifically devoted to teaching you how to read and write more JLPT level N4 kanji characters. We even have a built-in kanji writing tool so that you can make sure you're writing even the most elaborate characters correctly!

Writing Lessons

People love Rocket Languages, and you will too!

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Rocket Japanese

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Package features
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Audio lessons
Language lessons
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Practice conversations
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($49.95 value)
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