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Learn Japanese online with Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3)!

Master conversational Japanese with Rocket Japanese Platinum, the most advanced level of Rocket Japanese!

Sayaka Matsuura

From: Sayaka Matsuura
Rocket Japanese Tutor

Dear Japanese learner,

Konnichiwa! Never has there been a better time to boost your Japanese!

Even as a beginner or intermediate Rocket Japanese learner, you can learn to speak Japanese at a more advanced level in situations that you encounter regularly, and about topics that interest you, and are important to your life and work.

How? It's simple. We've designed Rocket Japanese Platinum, Level 3 of the Rocket Express Learning System, so that you can focus on the topics that interest you most.

Because you have your own unique reasons for wanting to speak Japanese, we give you a choice; you can follow the recommended learning path through your course, or pick and choose the lessons from any level of Rocket Japanese, in the order that suits you.

This is where the final level of the Rocket Express Learning System comes in - Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3).

By extending your vocabulary, and strengthening your understanding of the language, these more advanced lessons will allow you to speak and understand Japanese in more complex situations, and express yourself with more flexibility.

Whether you're interested in traveling; living in a Japanese-speaking country; speaking with Japanese-speaking family, friends or colleagues; or mastering Japanese for any other reason, Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3) is packed with even more great conversations that you can take part in to give your Japanese speaking that extra boost

Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3) gives you seven additional topics to choose from, which cover traveling, socializing, celebrations, business and more!

Rocket Japanese Host - Sayaka Matsuura

Sayaka Matsuura
Rocket Japanese

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Do you want to become a more confident Japanese speaker?

With Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3) you will cover seven practical topics that include:

  • Socializing (learn all about meeting people in all sorts of different situations, from meeting at a party to walking the dog!)

  • Daily Errands (A trip to the grocers, or perhaps a haircut... there are always errands to do, and they're a great way to get your Japanese going.)

  • Visiting a Japanese Home (From arriving at the Genkan (entryway) to leaving at the end of the visit, these lessons are just what you need!)

  • A Day at Work (In this section you'll cover everything from how to deal with rush hour, to meetings, to the daily sushi delivery.)

  • Overnight Trip (Get some great tips for that overnight adventure. You can get cheap tickets, find out about queueing, and more...)

  • When in Need of Help (There are all sorts of situations in which you might need help. We'll look at banking issues, burgulary, and even earthquakes!)

  • All About Japan (Sometimes things are just done differently in Japan. This section covers garbage, baseball, vending machines, and love... well Valentine's Day anyway.)

The 32 Interactive Audio tracks in this third level of the Rocket Express Learning System average 30 minutes in length - that's over 15 hours of audio lessons that you can listen to and practice speaking with as often as you need to feel confident.

Each conversation is broken down into easy to manage parts, and you get written transcripts of each conversation, so that you can keep up with the lesson and get comfortable with written Japanese.

Become the Japanese speaker you've always dreamed of with this super-effective and ever-popular conversational learning tool!

More About the Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3) Course...

  • Audio Track 17.1 Housewarming Party 引越し祝い・ひっこし いわい (35 min)
    Moving into a new neighborhood is like any other new experience in life; you get out of it what you put in. In this first lesson, we're dealing with something everyone can relate to - How to feel part of your new city. And our answer is... Socializing! After this lesson, you'll be able to invite your new neighbors to a House-warming Party!

  • Audio Track 17.2 Meeting Hachi the Dog 忠犬ハチ公・ちゅうけん ハチこう (29 min)
    Dogs are fantastic for helping you meet people. If you're alone in Japan, consider this your answer to making new friends… or even meeting the love of your life. Dogs are a great ice-breaker, and often give people an excuse to talk without sounding weird. Even if you don't have a dog, but you're eager to double your proficiency in Japanese, after this lesson you can walk around your neighborhood, and get to know all the dogs, and eventually the owners, by their names.

  • Audio Track 17.3 Breaking the Ice - 料理の鉄人・りょうり の てつじん- (32 min):
    You walk into a party, and you don't know anyone in there… embarrassing! You hurry to a corner and hope you can become camouflaged by blending in with the curtains. Sound familiar? Well, this won't happen to you because you'll know how to break the ice at Japanese get-togethers! You'll have a much better chance of making new friends when you know these tips on how to break the ice!

  • Audio Track 17.4 Daydreaming - ボーっとする (32 min):
    You've met the love of your life. Can you describe this person's hair? Their eyes? What he/she looks like? This lesson will enhance your vocabulary when describing people. You'll soon master how to describe that special someone.

  • Audio Track 18.1 At the Green Grocers 八百屋で・やおや で (35 min):
    When in need of fruit and vegetables in Japan, I recommend a visit to your local Green grocer. From the familiar to the strange and unique, this lesson will give you a real insight into the wonderful variety of Japanese fruit.

  • Audio Track 18.2 Kusuriya de At the Drug Store 薬屋で・くすりや で- (31 min):
    Feeling lousy? Eyes watery and nose stuffed-up? It's hay-fever season so Yoshiko makes a stop at the pharmacy. You'll learn how to communicate in fine detail exactly what you're after, even if you're as picky as Yoshiko when it comes to effective pollen-blocking masks...

  • Audio Track 18.3 At the Barbers - 床屋で・とこや で (29 min):
    One of the easiest things to find in Japan is a barber's shop, and after this lesson, you'll find that nothing is as simple as getting a haircut in Japan. Just remember the phrase for "I'll leave it up to you!" Omakase shimasu! Relax and enjoy the spa experience.

  • Audio Track 18.4 At the City Hall - 市役所で・しやくしょ で (31 min):
    Registering a new address in Japan can be tricky. But not when you have the team at Rocket Japanese helping you with the procedure... just remember to bring all the correct documents!

  • Audio Track 19.1 Beyond the Entrance - 玄関先・げんかんさき (28 min):
    You've been invited to visit a Japanese home… Here's your chance to impress your Japanese hosts with some very-Japanese ways of greeting when entering their home.

  • Audio Track 19.2 Sound Princess - 音姫・おとひめ (30 min):
    We've all been there – you're a guest at a Japanese house when the urge suddenly strikes you and you've seriously got to go; maybe the Ocha that your friend's mother has been pouring non-stop into your cup finally caught up to you, whatever the cause, the fact is you need a bathroom. After this lesson, you'll have options on how to excuse yourself next time nature calls!

  • Audio Track 19.3 Tales from the Toilet - トイレ話・トイレばなし (28 min):
    Beware of Japanese super high tech toilets. The shock of pressing a button and suddenly having a jet of water spraying onto you… is not the most pleasant thing. Would you know what to expect? In this lesson, you'll get an insight into what these high-tech toilets are capable of doing, so that next time you push a button you won't get embarrassing results...

  • Audio Track 19.4 When Leaving - 帰るとき・かえるとき (28 min):
    In this incredibly practical lesson you'll get a guide to leaving a Japanese house; how to excuse yourself? We'll make sure your conversational powers are at their peak so you'll be able to take your leave in the smoothest and most respectful way.

  • Audio Track 20.1 Rashu Rush Hours ラッシュ (29 min):
    Japanese rush hour is a nightmare, especially for Tokyo-ites who commute every morning, jammed packed like sardines, or as they say in Japan, packed in like sushi. You'll learn how to express this famous saying in Japanese along with lots of words and phrases on the topic of Japanese work culture.

  • Audio Track 20.2 In-house Meeting - 打ち合わせ・うちあわせ (30 min):
    This lesson will teach you how to schedule an in-house meeting with your boss. You'll become a favorite employee as you show politeness and respect, and secure that meeting with your busy kakarichō in his hectic schedule...

  • Audio Track 20.3 A Frustrating Event - イライラ事件・イライラじけん (32 min):
    Having a tough day at work? We'll teach you the ins and outs of complaining about a frustrating day, as per Japanese culture.

  • Audio Track 20.4 Delivery Sushi - 出前寿司・でまえずし (30 min):
    Learn how to call a restaurant, and how to ask for a delivery in Japanese, plus a uniquely Japanese way of Sushi-ordering. This is essential stuff for all Sushi-lovers...

  • Audio Track 21.1 50% Off Tickets - 五十パーセント割引・ごじゅうパーセント わりびき (32 min):
    In this lesson, we tag along with Tarō on a cheap-flight hunting mission. By the end of it, he's brimming with happiness after discovering a 50% off deal. Similar to the way you will be brimming with confidence after you can understand Tarō's entire conversation with the travel agent, Yoshiko, in Japanese!

  • Audio Track 21.2 Waribiki Taishō Gai no Hi The Black-out Dates 割引対象外の日・わりびき たいしょうがい の ひ (30 min):
    Tarō's about to find out that the 50% off deal is not quite what he'll be getting – as you learn the black-out dates in Japan where some discounts just don't apply...

  • Audio Track 21.3 At the Dogo Hot Springs - 道後温泉で・どうご おんせん で (29 min):
    Onsen's are quintessentially Japanese. It's part of the culture and tradition. However, there are rules you must follow when visiting one. Here is a run-down on Onsen etiquette – if you want a pleasurable Onsen experience, observe these rules! First rule is… swimsuits are not allowed!!

  • Audio Track 21.4 Long Queue - 長い列・ながいれつ (26 min):
    Japanese people think nothing of lining up in long queues… could you be as patient as Yoshiko and Tarō? Shall we line up? In this lesson, speaking colloquially becomes a breeze – as you join in with Yoshiko and Tarō and stand in line for a Nabe-yaki udon...

  • Audio Track 22.1 At the Bank Teller’s Window - 銀行窓口で・ぎんこう まどぐち で (31 min):
    Have you ever forgotten your pesky ATM pin number? Dealing with banking issues is difficult in your native language, let alone in a foreign one! Luckily we have our very courteous madoguchi assistant Yoshiko who is here to make things easier for you.

  • Audio Track 22.2 Forgetting ATM Pin# - 暗証番号忘れ・あんしょう ばんごう わすれ (26 min):
    Forgetting your Pin number may leave you money-less, food-less, and hope-less in Japan. Luckily, Tarō has been saved this time by Yoshiko, our madoguchi assistant, who patiently listens to his worries… Here's a fiscally responsible lesson on banking.

  • Audio Track 22.3 Reporting a Burglary - 泥棒通報・どろぼうつうほう (26 min):
    You've been burglarized… what now? You need to report the burglary by going to your local Kōban, or police-box and speaking to the Omawarisan on duty. In this lesson you'll sharpen your Japanese-speaking skills by learning how to communicate in fine detail what exactly has happened, and what's been stolen.

  • Audio Track 22.4 Severe Earthquake - 大地震・だいじしん (29 min):
    Can you imagine being woken up by a severe earthquake and lying there wondering when it will stop or how bad it's going to be? We all know that earthquakes are just a part of life in Japan, but you never know when the next one will hit. Knowing what to do is a must! In this lesson, you'll not only learn what precautions to take, you'll be able to get a grip on the Japanese earthquake levels!

  • Audio Track 23.1 Garbage Day - ゴミの日・ゴミのひ (28 min):
    Q: How do the Japanese dispose of garbage? A: Myriad trash categ

    ories That's not all… enter the hawk-eyed garbage guardians who serve as the "garbage police" in your neighborhood – keeping an eye out for improperly sorted garbage. Here are some important garbage tips to remember whenever you find yourself living in Japan.
  • Audio Track 23.2 Play Ball - プレーボール (29 min):
    If you think baseball is America's national pastime, then the Japanese variety, Yakyū, is Japan's national obsession – or perhaps more accurately, a national obligation. Ask anyone in Japan "Do you like baseball?" and they will raise their eyebrows at such ridiculous question and reply "Of course!" Are you ready to share the Japanese passion for Yakyū?

  • Audio Track 23.3 Talking Vending Machines - しゃべる自販機・しゃべるじはんき (24 min):
    Did you know that Japan's been called the Land of the Vending Machines? You can find walls of vending machines practically everywhere, from the nation's biggest metropolis, Tokyo, to the smallest countryside village. Even better… some machines speak to you! No one needs to feel alone in Japan. And, you can even practice some Japanese while you're out buying a can of coffee.

  • Audio Track 23.4 Valentine’s Day Japanese style - バレンタインデー (26 min):
    Making plans in advance…isn't that something we all strive to do? In this lesson, you'll discover how to let people know that you're on the ball by clearly expressing that you've been planning ahead!

Want to hear one of these lessons for yourself?

Listen to This Sample!!

In Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3), you'll be joined by native Japanese speakers Tarō and Yoshiko, and your host Kenny.

Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3) Lesson 17.1: Housewarming Party

Housewarming Party

Remember, every interactive audio lesson in Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3) comes with transcripts of the conversation in Japanese and English, so you can keep up with the lessons and get comfortable with written Japanese.


Yoshiko: Wā! Dare ka to omottara, Tarō jyan! Zuibun nagai aida, atte inakattane!
Tarō: Sōdana. Koko de nani shiteru no?
Yoshiko: Tsui saikin, kono kinjo ni hikkoshite kitano.
Tarō: Sugoina! Bokutachi, mata kinjo nan dana!
Yoshiko: Sō mitai ne. A, kondo no doyōbi, hachi-ji goro kara uchi de hikkoshi iwai o surunda. Nē, Tarō mo konai? Mochiyori dayo.
Tarō: Mochiyori nanda. Jya, boku no hyōban no poteto sarada o motte ikuyo.
Yoshiko: Tanoshimidawa!
Tarō: Jya, doyōbi no hachiji ni.

Japanese Characters – Hiragana & Katakana

Yoshiko: わぁ!だれかと おもったら、たろうじゃん!ずいぶん ながい あいだ、あって なかったね!
Tarō: そうだな。ここで なに してるの?
Yoshiko: つい さいきん、この きんじょに ひっこして きたの。
Tarō: すごいな!ぼくたち、また きんじょ なんだな!
Yoshiko: そうみたいね。あ、こんどの どようび、はちじごろ から うちで ひっ こし いわいを するんだ。ねぇ、たろうも こない?もちより だよ。
Tarō: もちより なんだ。じゃ、ぼくの ひょうばんの ポテトサラダを もって いくよ。
Yoshiko: たのしみだわ!
Tarō: じゃ、どようびの はちじに

Japanese Characters – Kanji

Yoshiko: わぁ!誰かと思ったら、太郎じゃん!ずいぶん長い間、会ってなかったね!
Tarō: そうだな。ここで何してるの?
Yoshiko: つい最近、この近所に引っ越して来たの。
Tarō: すごいな!僕たち、また近所なんだな!
Yoshiko: そうみたいね。あ、今度の土曜日、八時ごろからうちで引越し祝いをするん だ。ねぇ、太郎も来ない?持ち寄りだよ。
Tarō: 持ち寄りなんだ。じゃ、僕の評判のポテトサラダを持って行くよ。
Yoshiko: 楽しみだわ!
Tarō: じゃ、土曜日の八時に。

English Translation

Yoshiko: Wow, I was just thinking, who it could be. It's you Tarō! We hadn't seen each other in ages, had we?
Tarō: You're right! What are you doing around here?
Yoshiko: Just recently, I moved to this neighbourhood.
Tarō: That's great! We're neighbors again!
Yoshiko: Yes, it looks we are, eh? Oh, I'm having a housewarming party at my place next Saturday from around 8 o'clock. Hey, why don't you come as well? It's potluck.
Tarō: Potluck is it? Well, I'll bring my famous potato salad.
Yoshiko: I'm looking forward to it!
Tarō: Well, [see you] Saturday at eight then.

Do you want to speak Japanese naturally?

Japanese Rush Hour

If you want to speak Japanese naturally, it helps to understand the culture and how the Japanese language works...

This is where your 28 Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3) Language & Culture Lessons come in!

Featuring Rocket Record voice comparison, Rocket Language Testing Tools, quizzes, and extra vocabulary, these lessons will help you to speak Japanese with more flexibility, and will also give you more confidence reading and writing in Japanese.

Learning about Japanese culture isn't just a great way to get inspired, it's also a good way to understand the Japanese language.

It's not just about what to say, it's about knowing when to say it. And just because a certain expression is polite in English, doesn't mean the Japanese translation will be appropriate – or even makes sense!

Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3) will give you insights into a wide variety of situations you're likely to encounter in Japan

We've also broken Japanese grammar down into easy-to-manage parts, so you can practice each part individually and then put it all together.

Learn to talk about what HAS happened, what HAD happened, what WILL HAVE happened, and what WOULD HAVE happened...

Get tips on how and when to give formal and indirect commands, use the subjunctive and indicative mood, and the passive voice...

Speak Japanese more fluently after mastering the art of the conditional, present perfect, future perfect, and pluperfect tenses...

Learn all kinds of expressions for speaking hypothetically, hoping and wishing for something, and voicing your feelings and doubts, and refresh your memory of the reflexive verbs in your language toolkit!

...And it doesn't matter what level you are currently at, because it’s a part of the Rocket Express Learning System, which means the Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3) Language and Culture lessons are packed full of step-by-step explanations to rapidly advance your Japanese!

Get Your Language Learning Anywhere, Anytime!

Now all Rocket Languages members can have their learning in their pocket wherever they go, with the Rocket Languages app for Android and iOS.

With virtually all the functionality of the full site, the Rocket Languages app will let you listen to the audio lessons, learn the vocab, take some tests, earn some points and badges, and really get your language learning going when you just have to be away from your computer.

And everything you do using the app is happening in your actual member’s area, it’s seamless.

Once you’re a member, just download the FREE app and keep on learning wherever you are.

Buy Now and get an exclusive Rocket Japanese Survival Kit, worth $49.95, FREE with your order!

And it gets better! Get your members' discount on Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3) (Level 3) today and you'll also get a Rocket Japanese Survival Kit worth $49.95, absolutely FREE with your order!

Increasing the number of Japanese words you know is always a fast way to boost your confidence. Even if you don't know a complete sentence in Japanese, knowing a few essential words will help to get your point across.

This tailor-made Survival Kit for Rocket Japanese members is specially designed to be fun, flexible and easy to use. No boring vocabulary lists or heavy phrasebooks for you!

Your Survival Kit is made up of 7 Rocket Japanese Vocab Sessions with interactive audio that focus on essential Japanese words and phrases and their pronunciation.

You can use them online, download them to your computer, or transfer them to your smartphone, so you can use them anywhere, anytime. All together you'll get 2 extra hours of top-quality Rocket Japanese interactive audio FREE!

Want to know more about these 7 great ways to improve your Japanese for FREE?

  • Vocab Session 1: Dating

  • Vocab Session 2: Survival Food Ordering

  • Vocab Session 3: Kinship Terms

  • Vocab Session 4: At Work

  • Vocab Session 5: Ryokan "Japanese Inn"

  • Vocab Session 6: ATM Banking

  • Vocab Session 7: Colloquial Japanese

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Master Japanese with Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3)!

I am really looking forward to getting an email from you, telling me about how much you have learned using the Rocket Express Learning System, and how much you are enjoying speaking Japanese! I am always happy to get constructive feedback on Rocket Japanese Platinum (Level 3), so that we can make the learning experience even better for you!


Rocket Japanese Host - Sayaka Matsuura

Sayaka Matsuura
Rocket Japanese

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Probably the best language tool I've come across. Actually love it more than Rosetta Stone and Duolingo

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