Sports Talk in Japanese

If you want to talk about sports in Japanese, this free lesson is for you! Listen carefully to the Japanese pronunciation and practice saying the words and phrases aloud.

Perhaps you want to play sports in Japan or join a conversation with Japanese people about sports. Either way, learning these sports words will get you started!

After this free audio lesson you'll be a master at sports talk in Japanese!

Talking about Sports in Japanese

うんどう する


Undō suru

To do a sport

なに か する


Nani ka suru

To play something

サイクリング する


Saikuringu suru

To cycle

バレーボール を する


Barēbōru o suru

To play volleyball

Talking about Soccer in Japanese

Imagine you are watching a game somewhere in Japan. This is what you might hear people around you saying about a soccer match!

ボール を パス して!


Bōru o pasu shite!

Pass the ball!

うごき が わるい ぞ!


Ugoki ga warui zo!

Bad move!

なんという ミス だ!


Nantoiu misu da!

Can’t believe you missed that!








Hurry up!




Come on!

Useful phrases for talking about sports in Japanese

Try these Japanese phrases when talking sports with your friends:

わたしたち は フットボール を する つもり です


Watashitachi wa huttobōru o suru tsumori desu.

We are going to play football.

わたしたち は サッカー を する つもり です


Watashitachi wa sakkā o suru tsumori desu.

We are going to play soccer.

サイクリング に でかけようよ、きょう は いい てんき だから ね!


Saikuringu ni dekakeyōyo, kyō wa ii tenki dakara ne!

Go do some cycling, it’s a fine day!

いつ およぎ に いき ますか?


Itsu oyogi ni iki masuka?

When are you going to swim?

しあい は どこ で あり ますか?


Shiai wa doko de ari masuka?

Where is the game?

テニス を しますか?


Tenisu o shimasuka?

Do (you) play tennis?

Now you're all set to enjoy some sports in Japan. Don't forget to bring your sports shoes!

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Sayaka Matsuura
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