Goodbye in Japanese

Do you know how to say goodbye in Japanese? After this free audio lesson for beginners you’ll be able to bid farewell with confidence.

Let's get started with goodbye in Japanese!

Pronouncing goodbye in Japanese

You have probably heard “Sayōnara” before, which is the most common form of saying “Good-bye”. You may have also heard “Shitsurei shimasu”, another formal farewell phrase which translates literally to “I’m being rude by leaving your presence”.




失礼 します

しつれい します

Shitsurei shimasu

Goodbye (formal)

If you're bidding someone farewell at night, you could also say good night:



Good night

Casual Farewells

Outside of formal situations, you'll hear some more informal ways to say goodbye. Let’s listen to some casual farewells…

じゃあ ・ じゃあ ね

Jā / Jā ne


また ね

Mata ne

See you soon

じゃあ また

Jā matta

See you again

また 明日

また あした

Mata ashita

See you tomorrow

元気 で

げんき で

Genki de

Be well

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Jā matta!

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